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Dumpster Diving at Best Buy: Everything You Need to Know!

Dumpster Diving at Best Buy

Dumpster diving is always fun when you are visiting the right places. Dumpster diving at Best Buy will be one of those things that bring you earning opportunities along with a great experience.

However, it may seem simple from the front, with several things to be careful about, including the laws and safety tips.

Dumpster Diving at Best Buy

Some certain stores and places are known for different types of products. Regarding electronics dumpster diving, Best Buy stores offer the best experience. It is the best retail store and one of the largest multinational consumer electronics chains of retailers, with over 1000 stores in the USA and Canada.

There are several reasons customers love Best Buy, one of which is the return and product exchange policy. Although it makes returning products beneficial for the customers, there are no benefits for the stores as those items cannot go back to the shelf if they are not in immaculate condition.

The best part about it is any electronic device, gadget, or accessory that Best Buy provides; it even has 5 of its private label brands. With this huge range of items, things get even better for dumpster divers as they can find lots of valuable items in the dumpsters.

How do Best Buy’s employees deal with waste?

At the best buy store, the waste is generated in two main ways which are:

  1. Whenever a customer purchases a product and then returns it in a condition where it is not perfect for the shelves
  2. Products that are taking up shelf space and are not selling, so they need to be replaced.

The employees at Best Buy are instructed to throw everything that is not needed into the dumpsters. Although there is no proper schedule for doing so, employees usually throw the trash into dumpsters within a few hours of opening the stores.

All you need to know about Dumpster diving

Advantages and disadvantages of Dumpster Diving at Best Buy

Dumpster diving at Best Buy does seem very beneficial, but some disadvantages are also associated with it. Here are both aspects of Best Buy dumpster diving that you must know.

A.      Advantages

The benefits of Best Buy dumpster diving include:

1.      Get everything free of cost

As you dumpster dive at the nearby Best Buy store, you can get a lot of expensive stuff for free. Whether you sell it online or at garage sales or use it personally, it will benefit you in every way.

2.      Dumpsters at Best Buy stores include a variety of products

When dumpster diving at the Best Buy stores, you will never be restricted to certain products. Best Buy is known to provide almost every electronic device that you can think of, so the dumpsters will also have a wide variety.

3.      Less waste will end up in landfills

Electronic waste includes a lot of plastic that takes years to decompose. When you dumpster dive, you will significantly reduce the waste that may otherwise end up in landfills.

B.      Disadvantages

The demerits of Best Buy dumpster diving include:

1.      Several things inside the dumpsters may injure you

Some items present in dumpsters can endure you in different ways because of sharp edges, pointy parts, or their heavy weight.

2.      Some locations of Best Buy stores legally dumpster diving

One of the biggest cons of Best Buy dumpster diving is that some stores may legally prohibit dumpster divers, which means you need to find some other store.

3.      Health issues because of unsanitary conditions

You may find something related to personal hygiene, but finding it in the dumpster may not be the safest one to use. Additionally, dumpsters are unsanitary, so that you may face hygiene issues.

Dumpster Diving at Best Buy

 Dumpster Diving Laws at Best Buy

There are no specific dumpster diving laws at Best Buy stores. Most of the time, you will find private property law implementation according to which nobody is allowed on private property without permission. The store may implement this lay by:

  • Installing gates and fences to protect the dumpsters.
  • Using ‘NO TRESPASSING’ sign boards on their private property

So, if you are still caught dumpster diving there, you may get fined, banned from that location, or in the worst case, some prison time.

Is dumpster diving illegal at Best Buy?

Is dumpster diving illegal at Best Buy? No, it is not illegal in most cases, but you must not forget that Best Buy stores are located on their private property, so the dumpster diving laws regarding private property will implement.

In such a case, the right way to dive into the dumpsters is by waiting for the employees to move the dumpsters into private property.

Otherwise, you may ask them for permission to dive into the dumpsters. In some cases, it will be illegal to dumpster dive, which happens when the state or local laws prohibit dumpster diving.

How to dumpster dive at Best Buy if it is not allowed in your area?

Certainly, there would be some localities where dumpster diving is prohibited. Such localities have strict rules against the violators, so you surely don’t want to get in trouble. However, if you still want to dumpster dive at Best Buy, there is a solution.

While setting your dumpster diving route, you need to find a Best Buy at some nearby location where dumpster diving is not prohibited. Now you can visit that store and pick up anything from their trash. Remember that the cost of traveling there will make you earn less.

What type of stuff should you look for dumpster diving at Best Buy?

The products you should be looking for depending on your profit-making goals. For instance, if you are looking to focus on electronics, then you will look for gadgets like:

  • Cameras
  • Speakers
  • AirPods
  • Smartphone accessories
  • Video game consoles and their accessories

Apart from these, you can find many household items in the dumpsters. So, if you are looking for things to sell, go for the cheaper ones with high demand. However, if you are up for saving, you will specifically look for items for personal use.

Is the product selection and availability the same across all stores?

While the categories of products are usually the same at all Best Buy stores, the available products and their selection may differ. It will affect not only the shelves inside the stores but also the dumpsters and products thrown in them.

Remember that the product in the trash significantly depends on the products the customers return. Still, these. So, if you are specifically looking for something inside the dumpsters, it is available at the store is essential.

How much profit or saving can you make from dumpster diving at Best Buy?

Dumpster diving from Best Buy can be very profitable, and it may help you earn good profits if you have a good prior experience in dumpster diving. However, it also depends on your luck in finding the right products.

Considering that you are lucky enough to consistently find the best items from dumpsters here and take them as your full-time income source, you can earn around $450 to $500 weekly.

So, it will add up to $2000 a month only from the Best Buy store. If you make multiple stores a part of your dumpster diving trip, you will earn even more.

However, it is best to remember that the earnings from dumpster diving may not be stable as your job income, so instead of starting it full-time and quitting your job, you must begin as a part-time dumpster diver.

The best time to dumpster dive at Best Buy

The Best Buy stores stay open from 10 to 9 on weekdays and from 11 to 6 on weekends. The employees here do not follow any specific schedule for restocking their shelves and throwing away the trash, but they usually do this in the early hours.

Also, remember that they throw away their trash immediately after restocking the shelves. So, visiting between 10 and noon will be the best time to find the best range of products in dumpsters here.

Get the right clothing for dumpster diving to stay stylish and safe

Whenever you go dumpster diving, you must wear proper clothing with good coverage against environmental factors.

This “It’s a Great Day For Dumpster Diving” makes a great choice for your dumpster diving trips. It protects your body and ensures that you stay in style. The HD graphics on this shirt are good enough to express the importance of dumpster diving for the planet.

The best part is that it is a unisex product that comes with several color and style variations to choose from.

Tips for safety dumpster diving at Best Buy

Best Buy dumpster diving can be dangerous in different ways, and here are all the safety tips that you will ever need to follow for a safer dumpster diving experience:

  • It is recommended to stay updated with local and state laws. If your state allows it, be sure your locality also allows it.
  • Always go dumpster diving well-prepared with your clothing, accessories, and all the tools you may need. Wearing a cap, face mask, eye protection, and protective gloves is necessary.
  • Be careful about the dumpster diving laws at Best Buy. You must follow everything they instruct about dumpster divers.
  • The tools you carry must include a box cutter, a flashlight, and a smartphone for instant research about anything that you find.
  • Try to stay away from any objects that are prone to causing health issues with hygiene or injury.

As you follow these tips, you will stay safe mostly during dumpster diving.

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Dumpster Diving at Best Buy

Final Words

Dumpster diving at Best Buy can bring you a decent monthly earning, but you need to work strategically.

Always remember that dumpster diving may take a long time to replace your basic earnings with stability, so you must not switch to it for full-time in earlier days.