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The Best Green carpet cleaning Guide

Green carpet cleaning

Having carpets at your home can change the way the interior looks, and the best part is the customization options. While you cannot get a lot of customization options too quickly with your floor, the carpets allow you to do that. However, with all of these goodies that a carpet brings, there is only one issue: keeping it clean if you are not going for green carpet cleaning.

It is because carpets cannot be cleaned, washed, or wiped as easily and quickly as the floors can be done. Even if you decide to get professional cleaning services, you will end up paying hefty amounts. So, the only choice to go for is executive green carpet cleaning.

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What does green carpet cleaning mean?

So, cleaning can be of different types, and that can be done using different materials, machines, and chemicals. The important thing here is to preserve human health and the environment of this planet from any sort of harm.

Green cleaning is the method of using only those methods, materials, products, and machines that will not only get the job done but also cause no harm to the environment and our health. When we use these green cleaning techniques for cleaning our carpets, it becomes green carpet cleansing or cleaning.

Green Carpet Cleaning

Traditional Carpet Cleaning vs. Green Carpet Cleaning

One of the biggest debates today is about traditional and green cleaning techniques for carpet cleaning.

Traditional cleaning

Speaking of the traditional cleaning, the common method used was to wash, shampoo, rinse and then dry out the carpet. For better results, sometimes scrubbing was also made a part of the process. While the results were amazing, this was not only damaging for the carpet, but the environment was also at stake because of the following things:

  • A lot of wastage of water
  • Harmful chemicals going in water bodies
  • Green cleaning

On the other hand, green cleaning for carpets is a rather new way of cleaning carpets which makes sure that no harm to the environment is done by any means. Even if it involves using water, only a small quantity is used. Here we rely mostly on natural ingredients and materials to get stains and smell out of the dirty carpets.

Top 9 tips for green carpet cleaning on a budget by yourself

tips for green carpet cleaning

Did you know that you do not need to get any expensive gadgets or chemicals just to clean your carpets? Yes! You can follow these 9 tips to clean your carpet using executive green carpet cleaning techniques. The best part is that all of these tips support DIY, and they are all budget-friendly.

Always start with proper vacuum cleaning

If you have made up your mind about going for executive green carpet cleaning, then the first thing will be vacuum cleaning. Starting with vacuuming means that most of the dust, dirt and dust stains are already out of the game. This makes cleaning much easier for you. Moreover, if you vacuum your carpet regularly, then there will be less need for cleaning.

Get rid of tough stains with baking soda

Now that you have got all the dust-out, it is time for some stain removal. Baking soda is going to be your best friend here as it can help a lot in getting stains out. Using some water or vinegar to make the process quick is good with green cleaning.

Lemon juice is good for even tougher stains

Sometimes the stains are even tougher, and they need something strong. Using a chemical is not what we want, so we will go with Lemon juice. Use it carefully because it has citric acid that can make the carpet fade away. While it can get the tough stains out, you can also use it as a whitening agent.

Steam cleaning can help in keeping your carpet as good as new

Executive Green Carpet Cleaning

An interesting thing about steam cleaning is that it not only uses hot steam but makes the process efficient with suction action. So, use steam cleaning on your carpet if you want to go for green cleaning. It is good for getting rid of germs and creepy crawlers. Well, after steam cleaning, your carpet will be sparkling clean.

Regularly aerate the carpet

If your carpet is not fixed, you need to regularly aerate it. It is all about getting the carpet in the fresh sunlight for a few hours. You can also use a scrubbing or slamming to get rid of some additional deep dust build-up.

No need to worry if there is an unpleasant odor. Use vinegar to get rid of it

So, your carpet looks sparkling clean, but you are not sure what is causing that bad odor. This could be because of the lack of fresh air or some of your kids’ or pets’ activities. Just take the carpet out in fresh air and spray it with vinegar. This will get the job done.

Some greasy spots may not go, and cornstarch can solve this issue

Greasy stains are among the biggest nightmares for those who have carpets. Not for you as long as you have cornstarch laying around. Just sprinkle some directly on the stain, wait for a while, brush or scrub if needed and wipe it off. Viola! The greasy stains are there no more.

Carbonated water helps get rid of stains from beverages

If you have some stains from a beverage that just got spilled on the carpet, you quickly need some club soda or carbonated water. Pouring these directly on the stain and then cleaning with a clean towel or absorbent cloth will get the job done.

Use salt and vacuum cleaner to instantly remove wet stains

The last one that we have here for you works on fresh wet stains. Say that you got red wine spilled on your favorite off-white carpet. No need to worry because sprinkling white table salt generously over the stain and letting it absorb everything will remove the stain.

We are not done yet because you may need to press only a little, and there is no need to scrub or rub. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck the sale away when it turns red to finish things off.

All of these tips can help you a lot in DIY cleaning of your carpet while staying on a budget that too while following green cleaning rules.

Is steam cleaning the best way to clean carpets?

Yes, steam cleaning is one of the best ways to clean the carpets. If you use steam cleaning with carpet extraction technique, then you can get deep cleaning results on your carpet, resulting in a sparkling clean carpet. On top of everything, it is an environmentally friendly method of carpet cleaning.

Steam cleaning

Stay Green but don’t go overboard with deep carpet cleaning

There are many carpet cleaning companies that provide on-site as well as mobile carpet cleaning services. While that may seem convenient, the results might be good. Moreover, those companies might be using chemicals that can damage not only your carpet but the whole environment as well.

However, that is not as good as executive green carpet cleaning. You need to stay green by choosing the green techniques and tips for cleaning your carpets. In this way, you will never do anything bad for the environment.

Top reasons why you should be Choosing Green Carpet Cleaning products (Benefits)

Going for executive green carpet cleaning can be very beneficial for your carpet as well as your environment. So, here we have listed some of the most amazing benefits of choosing executive green carpet cleaning products.

  • Green cleaning products for carpet cleaning are safe to use even if you have babies or pets.
  • Green products for carpet cleaning make sure that everything is DIY supported and easy to do
  • These products are mostly budget-friendly
  • Getting quick and effective results is not an issue with these products
  • There are fewer risks about damaging your carpet with these products
  • These products cause no damage to the environment whatsoever.

The best green carpet cleaning products you must know about:

The following are all the best executive green carpet cleaning products that you need to know about.

Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner

Professional Big green carpet cleaner from Bissell

The first one is a carpet cleaner from Bissell that is marketed as professional. So, if you are looking to quickly clean the carpets of the whole house, then it can be the best choice. It works on 12 amps of power for budget-friendly cleaning while providing amazing cleaning results when used with the right formula.


  • 8 rows of bristles clean the carpet efficiently
  • Perfect for removing all sorts of stains
  • Handle easily adjusts for comfort.


Not very small and easily portable

See the full review: Bissell Big Green Review

little green® portable carpet cleaner

Portable Little green carpet cleaner from Bissell

Next up on the list is the little green machine amazon that everyone is talking about these days. It can be your best nontoxic carpet cleaner choice if you use it with the right chemical. It comes in a small size but packs huge performance, and the best thing is the reliability because of its Amazon’s Choice tag.


  • Strong spray
  • Strong suction
  • Lightweight, easy to lift and carry anywhere.


It may not be as quick as others for larger cleaning needs

Bissell multi surface pet floor cleaning formula

Multi-Surface Pet Safe freshness Formula from Bissell

Now that you know about the best carpet cleaning machines, you must know about the best carpet shampoo for machines as well. This one is the best pet carpet cleaner solution that you can use with any machine. It comes in an 80oz pack with a lot of features packed in one package.


  • Comes with Febreze freshness
  • Compatible with all Bissell machines
  • Pet safe and removes odors


You may need a lot of this product if you have a large carpet area

Carpet Cleaning Drill brush

Carpet Cleaning Drill brush

The last one that we have here is a set of carpet cleaner drill brushes. The 3 different brushes of this set attach easily to a drill and help you efficiently clean the other areas of your carpet that you cannot otherwise reach to.


  • It can work for scrubbing the carpet if you do not have a carpet cleaner
  • Compatible with any drill
  • 3 different brushes for different needs


It cannot be used at all if you do not have a drill laying by.


The drastic climate changes tell us that it is high time to change our habits. It has become necessary to go green and make the environment sustainable to better the climate for the coming generations.

Well, it is not only about green carpet cleaning, but we need to develop other green cleaning habits as well. So, if you are looking to know more about green cleaning options, click here to know more about green cleaning.

FAQ About Green Carpet Cleaning

What is the best homemade carpet cleaning solution?

The best homemade carpet cleaning solution is made with one portion of water and one portion of vinegar. If you have some environmentally friendly liquid soap, you can add that too.

Is carpet cleaner safe?

Yes, most of the carpet cleaner chemicals are safe for your carpets. You can also get the best carpet shampoo for machines if you have a machine but make sure to check if that is an environmentally friendly product or not.

Do vinegar and baking soda remove old stains from the carpet?

Yes, this is a very efficient solution for removing all the old stains from your carpet. In some cases, the process might not be that quick, so in those cases, you can leave the solution on the carpet for some time.

Can I use laundry detergent in my carpet shampooer?

If you have any environmentally friendly laundry detergent, then it is completely safe to use in carpet shampooers and other machines.

Which chemical is used for carpet shampooing?

There are lots of different chemicals that are used for carpet shampooing. Some of them are not even safe for the environment. These chemicals include dyes, bleach, alkaline builders, and many more.

Does the little green machine work?

Yes, the little green machine is amazing for you if you only need to clean your carpet for personal reasons. It provides good results for carpets and some other products.

Is green carpet cleaning effective?

Yes, green carpet cleaning is not only very effective for your carpet, but it is also exceptional for the environment. In this way, you can clean your carpet without causing any issues to the environment.

Do you need to rinse Simple Green?

Yes, it is good to rinse simple green from the carpet. If you are worried about the soil and the environment, then there is no need to worry as it is not a harmful chemical.

Which little green machine is the best?

Portable Little green carpet cleaner from Bissell is the best choice for personal usage. It is small and easy to use. It also provides exceptional results making it an amazing choice.