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Dumpster diving at AutoZone: Everything You Need to Know!

Dumpster diving at AutoZone

Dumpster diving always gives you a different experience depending on the place you are visiting. Regarding dumpster diving at AutoZone, you can find parts related to automobiles not sold to customers for various reasons.

While it is a unique experience, there are different aspects about it that you need to know, and here we will uncover everything for you so that your experience of AutoZone dumpster diving stays good.

Dumpster diving at AutoZone

AutoZone is a famous retailer of automotive accessories and spare parts in America. There are over 6000 stores in America, Mexico, and Puerto Rico which makes its network of stores very strong.

It makes a good point for dumpster drivers since there will be a lot of free stuff inside the dumpsters that you can pick up and use yourself to save money.

Additionally, you will find items to sell for different automobiles, which can bring you profitability. Dumpster diving here provides you with products, and you can find discount coupons and other stuff in the dumpsters.

So, there are multiple ways AutoZone dumpsters can bring savings and profits your way, whether you repair or maintain your car or sell the stuff. If you plan to sell the stuff you find, it is important to plan the best place for selling, whether it is an offline marketplace or an online marketplace.

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Dumpster diving at AutoZone

Pros and Cons of AutoZone dumpster diving

AutoZone dumpster diving has negative and positive sides and below is all you need to know about its pros and cons.

A.      Pros

1.      Huge variety

There are products from multiple categories in the dumpsters at AutoZone. You may find spare parts or automobile products. Similarly, you can find merchandise and coupons.

2.      Free products

Stuff inside AutoZone dumpsters is free. Whether you use or sell it, you can get it for free. So, it will bring profitability or savings your way.

3.      Less waste production

Most items in AutoZone dumpsters can stay in landfills for years. When your dumpster dive, you can use the good ones. It reduces the waste from landfills.

B.      Cons

1.      Injury risk

There is always a risk of heavy, sharp, and pointy objects in these dumpsters. So, if you are not careful enough, you may get injured.

2.      Unsanitary conditions

Dumpsters are never cleaned. These are homes for germs and insects. So, your safety and cleanliness are crucial to maintain.

3.      Legal problems

Any change in local or store laws regarding dumpster driving can bring problems your way. These often change, and you may find unwanted charges against you for dumpster diving.

How does AutoZone handle its waste?

Waste management is very simple at AutoZone. They keep their trash cans in the store filled with items throughout the day.

The stuff thrown in the trash cans can include broken or expired products, items that are not selling very well and are wasting essential shelf space, and merchandise.

These waste products are finally thrown into the dumpsters after the day ends and the store closes for the night. In some cases, the items you find inside dumpsters will still be in great condition that you can use or sell to someone else who may find them useful.

How does AutoZone handle returned products?

AutoZone does accept returns, and the returned products are inspected first. If they are in sellable condition, they return to the shelves and sell to other customers.

However, if the product is not in good shape, it ends up in the trash, where it finds its way to the dumpsters.

That is why you can find products in good shape with slight issues inside the dumpsters you can use or sell.

Dumpster diving laws at AutoZone

AutoZone has no special dumpster diving laws since the place follows local and state laws regarding dumpster diving. Additionally, most AutoZone stores follow private property laws very strictly.

These laws prohibit people from unauthorized entry to the property, and you may find the stores using signs, gates, and other ways to warn you about that. However, if you still go inside and you are caught, you will be legally charged with:

  • Fine
  • Prison time
  • Ban from area
  • All of the above

The court decides the level of punishment according to the crime you commit.

Is dumpster diving illegal at AutoZone?

Is dumpster diving illegal at AutoZone? No, it is not illegal, but certain things tell you to stay away from the dumpsters for your good. For instance, these stores follow private property rules.

It means you must not touch the dumpsters or anything inside them since you can get caught and charged for that.

Now that solution that you may opt for is waiting for them to move the dumpster into public property. Alternatively, you can wait for the time when nobody is around.

For the safest experience, one can ask for an official’s permission and dumpster dive at AutoZone.

Is dumpster diving illegal at AutoZone

What can you find during AutoZone dumpster diving?

When you dumpster dive at AutoZone, you can find many items from different categories. These start with the tools and automobile spare parts.

Next, you will find plastic and metal containers of products that you can recycle. Lastly, there could be engine oil, batteries, fuses, etc.

Apart from these technical items, you can find merchandise from AutoZone dumpsters that can be used and sold for profit. Unsurprisingly, you may also find some good and unused coupons in these dumpsters.

How much can AutoZone dumpster diving help you earn?

Earning from AutoZone dumpster diving is the most important thing for most individuals. It is because people are looking for quick cash.

However, you must understand that AutoZone brings a different type of dumpster diving experience, so the earning opportunities may also vary here. Moreover, certain factors make your earnings through dumpster diving subjective to you.

Starting with the factors, the time you spend diving and visiting the dumpsters is very important.

Secondly, having a clear mindset is very important since it helps you quickly go through dumpsters and explore more in less time. Lastly, you must know if you are finding things to sell or want to save some money by finding things to use personally.

Considering all these factors, if you visit at the best time and only focus on things that can be sold easily with reasonable prices and profit margins, then you can earn around $20 from every dumpster diving trip to AutoZone, as per the experience of YouTuber OMG Andy.

These earning stats may seem very attractive since it technically says you may earn around $600 monthly from AutoZone alone.

However, that’s not the case since every day does not offer the same dumpster diving experience. Sometimes you may go days without finding anything that could sell for good or save you some money.

Similarly, sometimes you find things that could profit you well but don’t sell quickly. Hence, even if the stats are in your favor, things sometimes don’t go your way.

Can you quit your job because of AutoZone dumpster diving?

As a beginner at dumpster diving, visiting AutoZone only and quitting your job is not the best option. It is because you don’t have a certain stable amount that you can rely on for your necessities.

On the other hand, if you gain some experience in dumpster diving and selling products, you can earn more.

The best way to do that is by having a route plan including all the places that offer good dumpster diving experience.

Only then, when you earn a stable amount through dumpster diving, you may quit your main job and start working as a full-time dumpster diver.

Best time to dumpster dive at AutoZone

Most AutoZone stores follow this routine of throwing away their trash after closing the store. It is usually the time when they also restock the shelves for the next morning.

So, if you want to find the best stuff from these dumpsters, visit at closing time.

Employees will throw their trash out, and you can find goodies inside the dumpsters. This time will maximize your profitability chances since nobody has visited the dumpster before.

Dumpster diving at AutoZone

Tips for safety dumpster diving at AutoZone

Even if AutoZone dumpster diving seems to be a safe experience, your slightest mistakes can cause severe issues for you. So, here are our safety tips for AutoZone dumpster diving.

  • Always ask for permission to visit dumpsters on private property.
  • Immediately leave if an official asks you to
  • Never cause any disturbance or litter on the property
  • Always wear gloves and goggles to protect yourself from harmful substances.
  • Be very careful about your cleanliness.

If you follow these tips, you must also follow our other dumpster diving safety tips, which you can find here.

Final Words

AutoZone dumpster diving is a unique but exciting experience since you can find things here that you cannot find anywhere else. However, the precautions and perpetration for these stores are also a little different.

With this guide, you can be very efficient at dumpster diving here and find the best stuff for profitability and personal use.