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Dumpster diving at Ross Stores: Everything You Need to Know!

Dumpster diving at Ross Stores

Textile waste makes up a huge part of the total waste ending up in landfills, and some part of that waste is still good enough to be sold and worn. Ross Stores is the place where such clothes are available that are sold for cheap due to their bad condition.

It is not surprising that you can get such clothes at Ross Stores for free if you know the art of dumpster diving at Ross Stores.

Dumpster diving at Ross Stores

Ross Stores is a departmental store chain operational in 37 states in the USA with over 1400 locations.

It is one of the best off-price stores for purchasing branded apparel and home improvement products with up to 60% discounted prices. The cheap price makes it a favorable option for many people.

However, if you don’t want to pay, dumpster diving here will be a great way of finding the products you need.

It is where you can find branded products that are unavailable anywhere else. Finding those inside the dumpsters will be great since you can sell or use them.

The best part about dumpster diving here is that you never know what’s coming for you, so you always get surprised by finding unique products from waste.

On top of everything, your act of Ross Store’s dumpster diving will help remove a lot of waste from the landfills, which is a positive move for the planet.

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Dumpster diving at Ross Stores

Pros and Cons of Ross Stores dumpster diving

Ross Store’s dumpster diving has its pros and cons. Below is an overview of both aspects that you must know.


1.      Whatever you find is free

Anything you find inside the dumpsters is yours to keep. It will be free, so that you can sell or use it yourself. Hence, it is to your benefit either way.

2.      Variety of goods

Even if you only find clothes here, you can find multiple categories. Additionally, these categories will contain products from different brands. These will be the products that you can’t find anywhere else.

3.      Eco-friendly

Dumpster diving is your way of reducing waste ending up in landfills. It means more items will be recycled whether you sell or use them. Hence, it would be beneficial for the environment.


1.      Legalities

You must stay aware of the legalities. Not only the local and state laws are important but also check the rules of the property you are visiting. Otherwise, you may be charged legally.

2.      Chances of injury

Dumpsters are full of all types of objects. There could be a heavy or sharp object that may hit you. So, there always lies a chance of injury when dumpster diving.

3.      Risk of illness

Dumpsters are also home to different types of germs and insects. So, using something that contains germs can cause illness. That’s why protection and cleanliness are very important when dumpster diving.

How does Ross Stores handle its waste?

Waste handling is exceptional at Ross Stores. They ensure to use anything for as long as it can be used. For example, if they must throw something, they inspect it thoroughly. The products are either sent to other locations for selling them again.

Otherwise, they are sent to donation organizations, animal shelters, etc. If the products are not even in such condition to be donated, they are only added to the trash, eventually ending up inside the dumpsters.

So, the waste handling procedure at Ross Stores is very well sorted and processed with professionals to inspect products before throwing anything out.

How do Ross Stores handle their returns?

The process of handling returns is the same as handling the waste. Every day several customers return their products in both good and bad conditions.

Ross Stores follows the same principles for dealing with returned items, where they are inspected and then sold or donated. Otherwise, they are thrown away if they are not in immaculate condition.

Dumpster diving laws at Ross Stores

The dumpster driving laws at Ross Stores are followed strictly, usually regarding private property rights, theft, and property damage. Multiple things are not tolerated regarding dumpster diving there, including:

  • Causing littering or damage to the property
  • Dumpster diving at private property
  • Trespassing when prohibited

Although you can dumpster dive at their private property after getting permission, it is suggested to leave whenever they ask you to. Otherwise, you will get unwanted problems your way.

Is dumpster diving illegal at Ross Stores?

Since Ross Stores is very strict regarding the laws, people often ask, “Is dumpster diving illegal at Ross Stores?”.

The simple answer here is no. Many stores do not call it illegal to dumpster dive in their dumpsters, but they are very strict about the private property rules.

For example, if the dumpster is inside their private property, it may not be legal to dive in it.

At the same time, if they move the dumpsters to public property, it would be legal since they waive any rights of ownership to the items present inside the dumpsters.

So, technically it depends on the situation that will make dumpster diving legal or illegal.

Is dumpster diving illegal at Ross Stores

What to look for during Ross Stores dumpster diving?

Generally, you need to look for items that are still in good condition to use or sell them. Picking things that have taken serious damage will not be beneficial for you. If you are looking for any consumable item, ensure it is still on its expiration date.

Anything past the expiration date will not be good. Considering these technicalities, you can find multiple things from the clothing, home improvement, and animal supplies categories.

How much money can you earn with Ross Stores dumpster diving?

Earning from dumpster diving at Ross Stores is one of the best things about it. It is because Ross Store’s dumpsters sometimes provide you with the most unexpected branded items that easily go for high profit.

However, the overall earnings from these stores depend on the location since more expensive products will be found in rich localities.

Additionally, some other factors can impact your earning, including:

  • At what time are you visiting their dumpsters?
  • Do you know what you will be picking from these dumpsters and whatnot?
  • Do you have a proper route plan for dumpster diving and a mindset to pick specific types of things?
  • What is your experience with dumpster diving and selling items?
  • Are you going to use things by yourself or sell them?
  • If you sell them, what will be your target audience and marketplace?

Such factors can significantly impact your earnings from Ross Store’s dumpsters.

Several examples of people earning up to $200 easily from one dumpster diving trip to Ross Stores. One of the examples includes the Treasure Hustlers YouTube channel.

Here you can see how they found cheap items like baby clothes and leggings that still had their tags. In addition to those cheap ones, they also found an UnderArmor shoe and Bluetooth headphones that could easily go off for high-profit margins.

Although there is such high potential, it is important to note that every dumpster diving day is not the same. Some days you find gems, while other days, you don’t find anything.

Can Ross Store’s dumpster diving replace your job?

It depends on your experience and mindset. You can visit multiple locations daily if you have a clear mindset and experience.

If you don’t find anything at one location, the other locations will level out. In that case, you may earn up to $4000 monthly, which may replace your job.

However, that’s not the case with beginners, so you must take it as your part-time hustle in starting days.

Best time to dumpster dive at Ross Stores

Visiting Ross Store’s dumpsters at the right time is very important since multiple people are looking for products inside the dumpsters. The employees at Ross Stores usually take out the trash into the dumpsters right before the store opens.

So, visiting the location before the store opens or at the opening time will be good. The chances of finding most items will increase during this time, and you may even find something new.

Tips for safety: Ross Stores dumpster diving

If you know the right practices, Ross Stores dumpster diving can be a good earning opportunity. These will also protect you from making mistakes that may get you in trouble. So, here are the top safety tips that you must follow.

  • Always check the local laws before hitting the dumpsters
  • Be very careful about your safety and wear protective gear
  • Use proper cleanliness methods to kill any germs after visiting the dumpster
  • Have a route plan for visiting dumpsters to increase your earnings.

If you follow all these tips, you will always have a good experience. Want to know more safety tips for dumpster diving?

Read here a complete guide on Dumpster Diving Tips that you never knew before

Dumpster diving at Ross Stores

Final Words

Undoubtedly, dumpster diving at Ross Stores will offer you a great experience and opportunities for earning. The amount you can earn from branded clothes and apparel will be surprising.

However, knowing and following the right time and practices is important for better efficiency. We hope that this article was of great help to you in learning the technicalities of Ross Stores dumpster diving.