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Dumpster Diving at Yum: Everything You Need to Know!

Dumpster Diving at Yum

Dumpster diving is a way of finding usable stuff from the dumpsters, and for some users, it can be a great way of earning or saving money.

Dumpster diving at Yum offers a different experience since it is a group of quick-service restaurants.

However, if you know the right way of dumpster diving here, you can still enjoy some great meals with savings your way.

Dumpster Diving at Yum

Yum is a quick-service company of restaurant that operates globally. It develops, licenses, franchises, and operates the systems for quick-service restaurants.

Some of the world’s popular restaurant brands, like Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut, The Habit, etc., operate under Yum’s name.

Since there are different restaurants operating under this brand, if you go to dumpster dive there, you can find a lot of foodstuff and other items that may include special coupons, kid’s toys, etc.

Dumpster diving at Yum is a different experience because you can hardly ever find anything you can sell for profit, like in other dumpster diving destinations.

At the same time, on every trip, you may find stuff to consume by yourself or stuff that you can feed to your pet. As a result, you can save a good amount.

Multiple daily tours can provide you with multiple free meals, meaning you will hardly be spending on food.

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Dumpster Diving at Yum

Pros and Cons of Dumpster Diving at Yum

Dumpster diving at Yum has both pros and cons, and below is everything you need to know about them:

A.      Pros

1.      Free items

You won’t have to pay for anything you find here. So, find stuff in dumpsters, and that will be yours. It means you may get free items any time of the day.

2.      Different categories

The dumpsters at Yum stores are not restricted to specific types of things. There are products from multiple categories. So, you always have a chance of finding something new.

3.      Less waste

Dumpster diving at Yum will ensure that least of the good stuff goes to waste. It will be a good practice for saving food. Meanwhile, you will be saving the planet from more waste.

B.      Cons

1.      Illness chances

You never know how new or old something is. Something in good shape might be spoiled, meaning you can get ill. The same goes true with your pets.

2.      Unsanitary condition

Getting food from these dumpsters is not easy due to the unsanitary conditions. You never know how many germs are there. Additionally, some places throw good and bad waste in the same dumpster.

3.      Legal barriers

There could be a lot of legal barriers for you. You never know when dumpster diving will get banned in your locality. Similarly, the Yum store may legally prohibit you from dumpster diving.

How do Yum stores handle their waste?

Waste management is pretty simple at the Yum stores. The rules and regulations depend on what brand name that store works on. For example, if it works with KFC, it will be following the waste management rules at KFC.

It means that any prepared meal that does not sell for a specific time will be thrown in the trash.

This time and the rules for throwing anything in the trash depending on the policy of the brands that Yum stores are working with.

Once enough stuff is in the trash cans, and they are dumped into the dumpsters outside the location.

How do Yum stores handle the returns?

Different quick-service restaurants have different policies. Usually, they accept returns when something is not prepared perfectly according to the order.

They replace that for customers with what they need. The old food is then thrown in the trash since it is not good for other orders. Then it ends up in the dumpsters.

Dumpster diving laws at Yum

The dumpster diving laws at Yum are straightforward. Yum stores follow state and local laws regarding dumpster diving and private property rights.

So, your experience will differ according to the location where you want to dumpster dive.

However, the consequences you may face for wrongdoing will be similar. In most cases, you get:

  • Fined by the court ranging between hundreds and thousands
  • Prison time ranges from months to years
  • A temporary and permanent ban from the location
  • All of the above

Is dumpster diving illegal at Yum?

With so many Yum locations, people often ask, “Is dumpster diving illegal at Yum?”.

While the quick answer to this question is no, there are certain complexities that you must be careful about.

For example, if the location has protected its dumpsters behind fences or signs of ” No Trespassing, ” you must abide by diving into it.

Similarly, if you know that the dumpsters are present on private property, the only safe way to access them is by asking for permission from someone working there.

Even in that case, if you are asked to leave, you must do that immediately.

Lastly, if you want the safest experience, wait for them to move their dumpsters to public property. That’s when you won’t face any problems if you don’t cause any disturbances.

Dumpster Diving at Yum

What to look for during dumpster diving at Yum?

When your dumpster dive at Yum, you must focus on finding stuff that you can consume yourself or your pet can consume. Here is a list of items that you could find while dumpster diving here:

  1. The untouched fresh meal that wasn’t prepared correctly according to the order
  2. Meals that are half or slightly consumed
  3. Packs or sachets of sauces
  4. Kids’ toys if any special promotion is going on

Whenever you pick something to consume, be careful about its expiration date since you don’t want anything beyond that date.

How much can Yum dumpster diving help you earn?

Most locations like retail stores, marts, and other places have things you can find and sell for profitability.

However, things are different when it comes to Yum. If your main goal of dumpster diving is earning,

Yum may not be the best place to visit. On the other hand, Yum will be a good choice if you want to get a mixed experience of things that you can sell and consume yourself.

It is because at most Yum locations, you will only find things to consume yourself, or you can feed them to pets.

It brings some savings your way, but there is no way you can earn from them.

Even if you find things that can be sold for earning, that will be rare.

Since you can’t earn from Yum, the only way to earn while dumpster diving will be by deciding your route plan when you do a dumpster diving journey.

Visiting multiple places will help you find stuff that can easily be sold. While other places help you find profitable items, you can stop by a Yum location and find something to eat.

One case when you can earn from Yum dumpster diving is when you find a special toy or promotional item. These are limited items available for a short period.

However, if you find one that can be sold for $5 to $10 easily, since that is not a huge profit, visiting multiple places to find sellable items is recommended.

Can dumpster diving at Yum replace your main job?

No, dumpster diving at Yum only cannot replace your main job. Even if you save money by finding free meals, you don’t know if you will find anything the next day.

So, continuing with your main job and dumpster dive is very important as a side hustle. That will be more beneficial for you in the early days.

What is the best time to dumpster dive at Yum?

The best time for dumpster diving at Yum varies according to the locations that you are visiting. It is because every location may have different policies regarding when they empty their trash.

Some empty out all their trash at night, while other stores like to keep the internal trash cans always empty, so they take multiple trips to the dumpsters during the day.

So, the best time for dumpster diving there is when they take out the trash. Moreover, go when there is the least number of people or employees around.

Dumpster Diving at Yum

Tips for safety dumpster diving at Yum

Even when it seems fairly easy, much can go wrong when dumpster diving at Yum. So here are our top safety tips that will help you stay safe.

  • Always check the consumable items to see if they are past their expiration date.
  • Never feed spoiled items to pets or anyone else
  • Don’t pick something if it has its packaging opened
  • Wear protective gloves and a mask
  • Use insect repellent for your protection

Ensure you follow all these tips on every next dumpster diving trip, and you will be safe from many issues.

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Final Words

Dumpster diving at Yum is a different experience, but it can benefit you in several ways. This guide lets you learn how to benefit from multiple Yum locations.

Lastly, planning your dumpster diving trips strategically is important so you find stuff to consume and sell.