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Is wave energy renewable or nonrenewable?

Is wave energy renewable or nonrenewable

For centuries we have been using fossil fuels to produce energy, and that energy is nonrenewable. As those ways of making energy were highly harmful to nature, we have recently started using newer forms of energy production like wave energy.

But many individuals still ask whether wave energy is renewable or nonrenewable. As wave energy is a new type of energy, there is still a lot that you may need to know. So, here we will be discussing everything.

Is wave energy renewable or nonrenewable?

Renewable energy is where we can repeatedly use the source of producing the point. For example, wind energy and hydropower plants can use the resource again and again, i.e., wind and water. Is wave energy renewable or nonrenewable?

It is renewable because it uses tidal energy from the ocean. On the other hand, when we use fossil fuels to produce power, that energy production results from a chemical reaction.

The smoke and pollutants cannot be turned into fossil fuels again, and we cannot use them again like wind or water. Thus, we can say that wave energy is renewable, and it comes with many benefits like:

  • It does not produce any greenhouse gases.
  • We do not need to rely on the availability of fossil fuels for energy
  • It does not cause any pollution and is a pure energy form.

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Is wave energy renewable or nonrenewable

How is wave energy renewable?

Wave energy is known as wave energy because it comes from waves. The wave energy production plants use tides and waves from the ocean to produce power. The sea has an endless supply of tides, making it a renewable form of energy.

Whenever waves come from the ocean and hit the wave energy production plant, they mix up with the ocean water again, and this process never stops naturally. The water cycle concept also supports the idea of renewable wave energy because even if we take water from the ocean, that water will reach the sea again through the water cycle.

The leading resource for wave energy production, water for waves, will never end in the ocean, so wave energy production will never stop. The best part about it is that it is not only renewable but it is also pollution free.

What is the efficiency of wave energy?

Wave energy is clean energy, and it is also renewable, but is it efficient? Here we will be comparing wave energy efficiency with other clean energies. The supply of waves is highly variable and is affected by seasons.

That’s why the efficiency of wave energy is mostly only 10%. On the other hand, wind energy production has an efficiency of up to 60%, while hydro energy production is around 90%.

Is wave energy our future?

For a better and cleaner future, we need cleaner energy production methods, and wave energy is one of them. If we were to harness the wave energy efficiently, we could meet 40% of the world’s energy requirements only using waves for free.

It would be equal to the power production of 800+ nuclear plants. So, we can say that wave energy will be essential in our future. However, its drawbacks need to be worked on.

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Is wave energy renewable or nonrenewable

Which country uses the most wave energy?

China produces 15 kilowatts of wave energy with its Drakoo, a wave energy device from a company based in Singapore. China is also said to reach wave energy production of 70 thousand kilowatts annually with the help of this device.

Why is wave energy sustainable?

Wave energy is sustainable because waves form because of airflow on the ocean’s surface, and gravity also has a vital role. So, as long as the earth is revolving around the sun and the moon around the planet and there is the presence of water on earth, the production of waves will be there.

As the production of waves will be sustainable, this energy production method will also be sustainable.

Is wave energy good for the environment?

Wave energy is good for the environment because of so many reasons. It does not include the usage of any fossil fuel, which makes it suitable for the land and the air.

Wave energy also does not leave any waste in the ocean that will cause water pollution. There are no greenhouse gas emissions as well. So, overall, there are no harmful byproducts making wave energy good for the environment.

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Is wave energy cheap or expensive?

Wave energy is not very cheap despite being natural. However, it is still more affordable than other ways of producing electricity. The equipment and its maintenance cost are higher, and supplying electricity to the areas far from the coast can also add to the cost of wave energy.

 One reason it is not cheap is that it is not very efficient. If we increase the efficiency of wave energy, it can get very cheap.

Final words

If we do not bring any change in our lifestyles and other practices and keep using the methods from centuries ago, the climate of our earth will keep on getting worse. As the past few decades have already been awful for the planet, it is time that we move towards cleaner practices.

Wave energy is one of those cleaner practices that can help fulfill our needs and make this planet cleaner. If you were also thinking, “is wave energy renewable or nonrenewable” we hope that you got an answer to all your queries.

Is wave energy renewable or nonrenewable