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All you need to know about Recycling in Philadelphia

Recycling in Philadelphia

We use different things in our daily lives, some of which are biodegradable and some are not. Biodegradable things will degrade through the natural process within a few days, but non-biodegradable things do not degrade through a natural process that requires recycling in Philadelphia. To deal with such non-biodegradable objects, it is essential to understand why recycling should be mandatory in Philadelphia.

Recycling in Philadelphia: Things you need to know

Philadelphia passed outlaw for protecting the environment that was truly about dealing with the non-biodegradable things and keeping the environment clean and green. Recycling in Philadelphia is about treating the trash and recyclable things separately.

What you can recycle in Philadelphia

When you plan on recycling anything, it is essential to first assure what you can or cannot recycle to avoid having to face any issues. Recycling in Philadelphia includes some specific items like

  • Plastic bottles and food containers
  • Glass bottle
  • Plastic cans
  • Shampoo and detergent containers
  • Paper bags and newspaper
  • Cans etc.
What you can recycle in Philadelphia

What to keep out of the bin?

According to environmental law, we need to keep only recyclable things in the recyclable bin while others should be in a trash bin or somewhere else where you think. So, you need to keep plastic bags, aluminum foil, Styrofoam glass, foodstuff or boxes, and paper bags out of the bin.

Important recycling reminders

While managing the waste, you need to be organized and have an end in mind. You should not mix every type of garbage, stained clothes, plastic bag, plastic containers, glass items, or shredded papers. Use recycling bin only for recyclable material. Moreover, it will help us understand how can recycling materials lead to environmental sustainability.

How does recycling work in Philadelphia?

Recycling in Philadelphia is going well as people are proactively practicing the habit of organizing the waste things. They properly separate the recyclable material from the non-recyclable materials.

Moreover, they assure that all the waste is properly collected and managed so that authorities that recycle the waste will not have to deal with any issues. Managing waste for recycling can also help you learn new things like what is commingled recycling, which is a case in which you can put the containers of your beverages and food in a bin that will be further sorted out.

How does recycling work in Philadelphia

Where to pick up recycling bins in Philadelphia?

You do not need to purchase a recycle bin for recycling in Philadelphia, but you can pick a free recycling bin from

  1. Hispanic association of contractors
  2. Northern liberty neighbor association 
  3. South of South neighbor association,

Before picking up the bin, make sure that you get permission so you will not be charged with theft. Going to the right place will help you find the best outdoor recycling bins and DIY recycle bins.

How do I get the recycling bin in Philadelphia?

First, you need to look at whether you are a permanent citizen of Philadelphia. If you are a resident of Philadelphia, you can get the recycle bin by contacting the recycle bin assisting and guiding the rest of the students.

Zero waste

We need to treat waste properly to avoid any type of pollution. If we talk about the only household waste, it contains food waste, plastic and glass waste, and many other kinds of waste. People in Philadelphia are looking for waste management on a small scale and then on a large scale. They are well aware of where they need to put waste properly to get rid of it. They categorize the waste and manage it properly accordingly.

Final Words

Recycling in Philadelphia is working to protect the land from heaps of non-biodegradable objects. The team of special officers is guiding the local people of Philadelphia to collect recycling material in the recycle bin. The rest of the things like plastic bags and paper bags should be in other bins for easy sort purposes.


Did Philadelphia stop recycling?

Recycling in Philadelphia was under consideration for years and properly got roots in 2019, but unfortunately, at the beginning of 2020, the plan did not work. Later, Philadelphia progressively worked on this campaign to eliminate heaps of plastic, paper, and other non-biodegradable materials. Now, Philadelphia is working on this plan to achieve its target of getting pollution-free from plastic.

What plastics does Philadelphia recycle?

We use different plastic items for different purposes, some of which are hazardous and some are not. Recycling in Philadelphia is all about the plastic objects that are clean and hygienic enough to use again, like plastic bottles, food containers, detergents, shampoo bottles, etc. Medical disposable plastic is not recycled in Philadelphia.

Does Philadelphia provide recycling bins?

Philadelphia is running this campaign proactively by encouraging the people to dump out plastic objects by providing them with special dust recycling bins. A professional team guides the people to use this bin for a specific type of plastic. Plastic bags and medical syringes or drips do not belong to the group of plastic people who have to dump in the recycling bin.

Is recycling mandatory in Philadelphia?

As per the legal law of environmental protection, it is necessary to follow the recycling campaign in Philadelphia. The country’s law compels the people to use recycling bins and save their environment from the heaps of non-biodegradable objects. This law works for all people, either belonging to commercial property or residential property.

Can you recycle pill bottles in Philadelphia?

Pill bottles can be hazardous as they contain chemicals, so we should not keep them in the plastic recycling bin but drop them at the nearest pharmacy or medical center. It is necessary to deal with medical plastic or glass bottle separately other than the food containers or water bottles.

Can you recycle pizza boxes in Philadelphia?

Usually, the food items have oil and cheese, which can contaminate the other plastic containers and cause a problem in the recycling process. That’s why the responsible officers guide the public to keep pizza boxes and other food boxes in separate plastic bags so that they can dispose of them separately.

Can I recycle light bulbs in Philadelphia?

There is a separate bin for bulbs or other fluorescent things for recycling in Philadelphia. People collect some of their out-of-order household fluorescent objects like bulbs and put them in that particular recycling bin. It also includes the street light and the, commercial fluorescent bulbs and tube lights.

Can you recycle Styrofoam in Philadelphia?

Styrofoam materials are not easy to recycle, and they are highly hazardous to the environment. That’s why we should not keep them with recyclable plastic but separately. You can put the Styrofoam separately in a plastic bag and dispose of it in that plastic bag, so it must be sorted separately.

Can you recycle plastic bags in Philadelphia?

According to PEPA, plastic bags are reusable, and we should not dispose of them soon but keep using them for carrying things several times. After using several times when you feel the plastic bags are not in good condition, you can collect them now for recycling in Philadelphia.

Is shredded paper recyclable in Philadelphia?

It is not a good idea to mix every big and small thing as it becomes difficult to sort them out for the recycling process. If you are putting the shredded paper, plastic bottles, food containers, and glass bottles together in a single bin, the little shredded paper will get mixed with a glass bottle and cannot be recycled properly.           

Can you recycle aluminum foil in Philadelphia?

While filling the recyclable bin, we should be well aware of the things which are recyclable and which are not. Many of us are confused about the aluminum foil and whether we should add it to our recycling bin or not. The answer is a big no, as aluminum foil is a metal that is not recyclable but reusable.

Is bubble wrap recyclable in PA?

Bubble sheets are made up of recyclable polyethylene plastic. So, you can add bubble wraps with the plastic bags so that they can be recycled in the same pattern.

Are hangers recyclable in PA?

We use hangers of different materials like plastic, wood, and metal. If we think of plastic hangers, they are recyclable, but if we talk about metal and wood hangers, they are not recyclable. You need to collect the plastic hangers along with other plastic objects from household or commercial places.

Are red solo cups recyclable in Philadelphia?

Red solo cups are not allowed to add in recyclable material as they are hard and chemically hazardous enough that the authorities do not take the risk of recycling them. It is not 100% confirmed whether the red solo cups can be recycled or not, but separately we can try.

Recycling in Philadelphia