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There is no PLANET B? Things you never heard before!

there is no planet b

Humans today seem more interested in finding a new planet that supports life instead of preventing the nature of this planet. Not only is NASA dedicated to finding a newer planet for humanity, but other companies like Blue Origin and Space X are also investing a lot in the cause.

Humans still do not understand that there is no planet B unless they find it suitable for life. That is the biggest reason we as humans are not emphasizing the sustainability and betterment of our planet Earth and its nature.

What does Planet B mean?

You will find some science fiction drama or a book whenever you search for Planet B. Those are about a virtual world where people can interact with others as their life-size avatars. However, the meaning here for planet B takes us towards the idea of having a second planet.

As things have become more advanced, humans are trying their best to explore space beyond this planet.

A common example is the planet Mars where many people could support human life. While the Earth is our main planet, Planet B may be another planet that we find suitable to continue the human race’s life.

However, it may sound fascinating and attractive here, but it is not that better because we haven’t been able to find “Planet B” so far.

Who said there is no planet B?

According to the United Nations’ UN News, Secretary-General: Ban Ki-Moon said there was no planet B in 2014. The answer to who said there is no planet B also includes him stating that there is no plan B to take action. It supports the idea that no other planet is currently found to support human life.

Who said there is no planet B

What is meant by Climate Change?

To know when global warming started, you must know the meaning of climate change. What may seem spontaneous to many individuals does not happen that quickly. Climate change can take years or decades to happen, but once its starts showing its results, those are drastic. Here is all you need to know about what is climate change.

What is climate change?

The term climate change means the long-term changes in this planet’s temperature and weather patterns. These shifts can result from the natural process in the solar cycle. However, the process of climate change is usually buffed because of human activities.

How do human activities make climate change quicker?

There is a natural process for shifting weather patterns on this planet. However, if we look at human civilization, there have been many changes since the beginning of the 18th century. The biggest one is fossil fuel burning which mainly includes burning:

  • Oil
  • Gas
  • Coal

These work amazingly as fuel, but the consequences of using them are adverse for the planet. Burning these fuels is one of the biggest reasons behind air pollution as the process releases smoke and heat. So, the temperature rises, and the chances of ozone depletion increase. As a result of excessive usage of these fuels, their supply is believed to be limited on this planet.

The future of climate change on this planet

Today we see most companies innovating towards better eco-friendly solutions where solar energy is mainly used as the power source. The bad effects of burning fossil fuels result in climate change.

However, we still use those in so many ways. If we continue using fossil fuels at the same rate, more adverse climate changes may occur, resulting in bad weather conditions and extreme temperatures. However, there is still time left to take action against it.

If we start going for more eco-friendly solutions in every manner, we may be able to slow this climate change process that we have made faster as a result of our activities. In the best case, we may be able to make the nature of our planet Earth good for life again.

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When did global warming start?

According to the instrumental temperature record, there were signals of rising temperatures in the 1950s. It was the time when the temperatures started rising in the tropical ocean. However, if you want an answer to when global warming started with extra information, the answer is that it began in the 1800s.

It was a time more than 120 years ago. The reason behind global warming was the climate change caused by greenhouse gases. Their emissions began in the late 19th century. The reason here still was the burning of fossil fuels to get power.

There is no Planet B

Now that you know who said there is no planet B and know that there is no plan B to move from the Earth. It is time that everyone takes action to make this planet better for the coming generations. Our previous generations have already used most of the fossil fuels, and we can hardly say how many future generations may get fossil fuels to power their engines and for other uses.

On the better side, if we start taking the right steps today, the coming generations may not have to worry about climate change.

there is no planet b

How does Science tell us to make the Earth safe?

According to Science, moving toward a no-carbon future or a low-carbon one is necessary. Additionally, we must start changing how we treat and use water. Today, only 0.3 percent of water is usable while all else is either present underground or is salty in the sea, so we cannot consume it.

Considering life without water is impossible as it is a unit of life for every specie, including plants and animals. Similarly, when humans reduce their carbon footprint, they will benefit their health and budget. Less carbon will result in lower energy bills; solar electricity is a clear example. Similarly, the food and environment will be much safer for humans.

Thus, lowering the carbon footprint can help combat climate change, thus protecting our planet Earth.

We must start taking action instead of thinking only

Almost everyone on this planet is thinking of some magical event to happen and solve all the problems of this planet. However, the only magic that can happen is that every human being starts taking responsibility for improving this planet’s environment. A range of solutions can help us save the environment and combat climate change. Those solutions include:

  • Economies taking action on their carbon footprint and reducing it
  • Every part of the world emphasizes the importance of treating water right
  • Moving towards more sustainable ways of energy production on small and large scales
  • Not harming plants and wildlife unnecessarily (deforestation and over-hunting)
  • Creating job opportunities that may help fight for a better environment.

As a human being, it is a responsibility to analyze and measure things around them. Then take practical actions to meet the target of a better planet for our coming generations as there is no planet B.

If humans ever find Planet B, what will it be like?

People today have mixed thoughts. While some say there is no planet B, some are enthusiastic enough to find a planet B that supports human life and offers a sustainable environment. So, if we ever find a planet B, that will be the most unexpected and surprising thing because there is still so much left to explore in space.

So far, we have no signs of life out of the planet earth, but the James Webb Space Telescope opens doors for observing much more in outer space. If we ever find a planet B, it must have the following characteristics:

  • Orbiting around a star similar to the sun
  • A thin layer of the atmosphere
  • Presence of oceans and continents
  • Suitable gases for supporting human life
  • An environment that helps wildlife and plants live and grow

In short, planet B must have all the characteristics of the planet Earth. No planet having all the similar characteristics is one of the biggest reasons we can still not find the perfect planet B.

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there is no planet b

Final Words

There is no wrong in searching for another planet that supports life. However, while we are already working on that, let’s not forget the importance of this planet to our life. It is because there is no surety if we will find another planet to support human life or not.

Our current activities are causing problems like climate change that, on the worst scale, can result in the extinction of the human race. So, we must refrain from all the activities and processes damaging our planet in one way or another because currently, there is no planet B.

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