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Are humans a part of Nature or apart from Nature

Are humans a part of Nature

At the beginning of life, everything was so closely connected, and humans used to live their life very close to Nature. However, today things have become very different, and often people ask are humans a part of Nature or apart from Nature. It is because we are not fully connected to something very important us to be connected. As there is no reciprocal relationship, we must worry about our relationship with Nature.

What does “nature” mean?

Want to know are humans a part of Nature or apart from Nature? It is better to get a better idea of Nature first. Whenever we hear the word Nature, we think of all the plants and animals, water bodies, and forests. We mainly consider the material things referring to the natural world. While it is not wrong, Nature has a lot more detail on so many levels.

Nature may refer to life in terms of plants and animals or land and mountain that we see as physical things in the world, while it can also refer to abstract things like Geological processes, physics, or weather.

With these naturally occurring things being considered as Nature, there are things that humans manufacture, and those are not qualified as a part of Nature.

The description of Nature can be subject to the scientific research done on it, but if we explain it on the uppermost level, Nature means:

  • Atmosphere and climate of the earth
  • Waterbodies and their lifecycle
  • Different ecosystems
  • Evolution of life
  • Interrelationships of humans
  • Matter and energy

Earth being the only planet known to support life so far, all of these things are a part of its Nature and thus called the natural features of the world. Now that you have an idea about Nature, let’s explore are humans a part of Nature or apart from Nature.

Are humans a part of Nature

Are humans a part of Nature or apart from Nature?

Are humans a part of Nature or apart from Nature? Considering humans a part of Nature means that we consider we are fundamentally connected to Nature. It supports the idea that everything that happens due to Nature can affect our life, and our activities can also impact Nature.

On the other hand, if we say that we are apart from Nature, we consider ourselves something above Nature. In that case, we usually support the idea of a reciprocal relationship between Humanity and the Nature of this planet.

We are not above Nature – we ARE a part of it!

When we are to answer, ask are humans a part of Nature or apart from Nature, we must see ourselves as a part of Nature because of our fundamental connection with it. Here instead of considering ourselves as something separate, we consider ourselves part of this larger system. It practically makes us similar to all the other living species on many levels.

So, Nature is not something else; it is a part of us and vice versa. We are a part of Nature. This idea supports the thought of our activities having an impact on Nature and events of Nature also having an impact on our lives. So, if one hurts the larger body, it also hurts itself. It means that when we hurt our Nature, we also create consequences for our life.

Why is Humanity part of Nature?

Whenever you ask are humans a part of Nature or apart from Nature, you will get the answer that Humanity is a part of Nature. So, why is Humanity a part of Nature? So many ideas support that we are not above Nature – we ARE a part of it. The first one is that in any way we live on this planet, we depend on Nature for our most necessities.

From the environment to food and water, everything comes from Nature. This relationship between humans and Nature gets even stronger because we have this synergy with Nature that helps us adapt to any of its changes. There are so many actions of Humanity that connect it to Nature; similarly, there are natural events that make Humanity a part of it.

Humans have come from Nature. They live in it for it and become a part of Nature, which is why Humanity is a part of Nature. So, if you were still thinking, are humans a part of Nature, or apart from Nature, the answer is that we are not above Nature – we ARE a part of it. Additionally, we make an integral part of Nature.

Are humans a part of Nature

The impact of Humanity on the environment and its future

After all the civilization and advancements in life, we have depended on so many luxuries. While these make our lives faster and more practical, most of these things result in activities that hurt Nature through overconsumption of stuff.

There have been hundreds of extensions only in the past 2 centuries, and the reason behind them is no one else but Humanity. The following are the top 10 ways how humans and their activities are impacting the environment:

  1. Deforestation
  2. Overpopulation
  3. Climate change
  4. Ocean acidification
  5. Waterbody pollution
  6. Overfishing
  7. Hunting wildlife at an excess rate
  8. Ozone depletion and global warming
  9. Land pollution from landfills
  10. Genetically modifying several species of plants

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A word about the future of human impact on the environment

The things mentioned above are only a few examples of the impact of Humanity on the environment. There are hundreds of other things to add to that list. However, the more important part currently is how we deal with things from now on.

There is still time for us as humans to rectify things. In the case where we give up on the things that cause harm to Nature and focus more on eco-friendly stuff, we can save this planet and its Nature. Otherwise, things will be the same, and species after species may go extinct. Under the same circumstances, the human race could also go extinct from this planet.

We are not above Nature – we ARE a part of it! Spread the message your way today!

Considering the current situation, it is time that humans start developing changes in their lifestyles. It is because humans are hurting Nature on so many levels. Each activity that hurts Nature has consequences for humans sooner or later.

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You can buy it, wear it yourself, and gift it to someone to spread the word that may end up conserving Nature.

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Are humans a part of Nature

Final words

If we looked at human life a few centuries ago, humans and Nature were deeply connected. However, today’s human has become much more worldly about physical products and technology. That is why questions like “Are humans a part of nature or apart from nature” were raised.

Looking at the relationship between human life and Nature, one can only say that humans are a part of Nature and not above it. While we think to have the power to control this system of Nature, this system of Nature controls most of our life events and changes.