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Dumpster Diving at Apple Store: Everything You Need to Know!

Dumpster Diving at Apple Store

Dumpster diving at Apple Store can be a unique experience for many people. It is because it is not every day that you see technological treasure present in the trash. However, it is not that simple, so knowing all the good practices is also essential.

So, whenever you are planning to visit a nearby Apple Store to dumpster dive, start knowing the legalities and then follow the best practices.

Dumpster Diving at Apple Store

Apple is one of the biggest names in today’s gadget market. With lots of units sold daily, some are also thrown in the trash. Those items can be picked up from the dumpsters at the Apple Store, and you can sell those items or their working parts on different online marketplaces.

The best part is that different Apple Stores throw away their trash daily, so you can find valuable items to upsell in their dumpsters daily. You must begin by identifying which Apple Store throws away its trash at what time of the day for the best results.

Additionally, try to visit the Apple Stores at weekends as the returns are expected to be higher than on weekdays.

After you have a target place and time in mind, you will go to the nearby dumpsters and start checking what they have in the dumpsters for you today. Simply grab everything that you can sell. If you are not into technical things like parts, then skip those and focus on accessories only.

The last and most important thing is to meet the dumpster diving laws to stay safe by all means.

Dumpster Diving at Apple Store

Dumpster Diving Laws at Apple Store

Apple Stores are very strict about their dumpster diving laws. No Apple Store allows anyone to dumpster dive at their private premises. So, if any dumpster is on private property, you will find it protected with gates, fences, and even the No Trespassing signboards.

As these stores are pretty strict with the laws, you can face criminal charges for trespassing, theft, and illegal dumping if you are ever caught. So, the best thing for you is to stay away as long as the trash is on their property. An Apple Store has all rights to get you banned from its location for a lifetime, which means you can never go there for any purpose.

Instead of facing all these charges and consequences, the best thing to do is to comply with the dumpster diving laws at Apple Store.

All you need to know about Dumpster diving

Is dumpster diving illegal at Apple Store?

Is dumpster diving illegal at Apple Store? This question is getting relatively common among dumpster divers. Well, it is not illegal as long as you are on public premises. However, if you move into the private property of the Apple Store and dive into the trash present there, it is illegal. It is because these Apple Stores do not allow any trespassing on their property.

The officials at the Apple Stores may ask you to leave, and you must comply immediately. However, if you want a safer experience while diving through the trash of Apple Stores, the best way is to wait for them to move it to the public property.

Otherwise, you can ask for the permission of officials present there. If they allow you, there will be no issues whatsoever regarding you diving into their dumpsters. On top of everything, it is essential to be aware of the local rules about dumpster diving.

It is because it is allowed at the state level, but some cities or localities prohibit it, making it illegal. So, instead of breaching any regulations, you must look out for changes in the local laws to stay safe.

What can you earn by dumpster diving at Apple Store?

When it comes to the Apple Stores, earning through dumpster diving can be very uncertain. In one month, you may make thousands with only a few products. However, in other months you may not even make a few hundred. It is because the products you find at the dumpsters near Apple Stores will vary.

These stores will not be throwing away working gadgets that are worth thousands. However, if you find something that sells for $20 on Apple and sells it for cheaper on other sites, then you can earn something. Around $400 a week estimates an average month’s earnings that cannot help you sustain your lifestyle.

So, the best way to earn from dumpster diving with Apple Stores is by keeping other nearby dumpsters in view. You can pick up more products and make more profits when you cover more dumpsters.

Dumpster Diving at Apple Store

Things you may find during dumpster diving at Apple Store

At an Apple Store, many different things will be thrown in the dumpsters daily. Some can be worth more, while some are worthless. So, most importantly, you must have some technical knowledge about the worth of something you are picking up. Here is a list of the best items you may find out:

  • The most common is old product packaging that sometimes may have untouched accessories in it as well. Otherwise, you can sell those for customers specifically looking for packaging only.
  • Broken or defective gadgets are common, as Apple does not keep any product that is useless to them. On the other hand, you can salvage some parts from them, and with enough parts, you may assemble a whole gadget to sell.
  • Accessories are the most common ones near Apple Store dumpsters, especially covers and cases that don’t sell anymore. You may pick these and sell them cheaper than Apple on any other marketplace. Many people still use old Apple devices, so someone may buy them from you.
  • Old computer parts and accessories like keyboards
  • Earphones, chargers, and cables

What matters the most is picking up things you know about so you may use or sell them.

What is the policy about throwing trash at Apple Stores?

Apple Stores have this policy where employees are ordered to throw away anything that does not sell or is not good enough to stay on the shelves. Additionally, they throw away broken iPads and iPhones because they are not good enough to be repaired.

Lastly, Apple does not return products with broken packaging as it is not perfect for sitting on the shelves. So, the employees throw away all items you can find in their dumpsters.

Best time to dumpster dive at Apple Store

Although Apple Stores specify no time for throwing their trash away, most employees do this at closing. So, if you want to go at the best time for dumpster diving, go after the employees have thrown away the trash and are no longer there.

During this time, you won’t find anyone around to disturb you, and you can find whatever those dumpsters hold for you. However, you won’t find many valuable items if you visit these stores during the day or in the morning.

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Tips for dumpster diving in Apple Store

Dumpster diving at Apple Store may sound easy, but there are many technicalities to care about. With these tips, you can be sure that you are getting the best results:

  1. You may have multiple Apple Stores near you. So, look online to create a route map so that you can find the maximum stuff
  2. Always go with a box cutter knife because you may need to open the packaging to see the products inside
  3. If possible, it is good to test the products before selling because you don’t want to get into any issues by selling bad products.
  4. Do some research about the accessories you are picking, as the ones for recent products will sell better.
  5. Don’t explore everything too much. If it looks good, carry it with you and explore it when you have enough time.
  6. Don’t solely rely on Apple Store for dumpster diving; instead, make these a part of your overall dumpster diving routes.

Instead of wasting your time around the dumpsters with no knowledge of products, using these tips will help you make the most out of trash.

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Final Words

If you have a little idea about technical items like parts in smartphones, tablets, and laptops, dumpster diving at Apple Store can be a wonderful experience. It is because some of the parts from trash may sell pretty well. However, be careful about not doing anything wrong or illegal to maintain a safe dumpster diving journey.