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All the interesting things to know about Dumpster Diving at GameStop

Dumpster Diving at GameStop

If you have an idea about the worth of gaming stuff, especially vintage items, you’d surely want to find them and earn money by selling them. Well, you can do the same by dumpster diving at GameStop.

GameStop stores have dumpsters where they throw the unwanted stuff you can find for free, and who knows what’s it worth.

It may sound fascinating, but knowing a few things, like dumpster diving is legal at these stores, is essential for your safety.

Dumpster Diving at GameStop

Going for electronics and accessories is always the best if you want to earn well with dumpster diving. Specifically, going for video game-related products, including consoles, games, collectibles, merchandise, etc., will be even more beneficial. These can help you get fast cash, and you can find these things at the dumpsters near GameStop stores.

GameStop is a huge name in the game retail industry, with more than 4816 stores across the globe. It is known for providing good value to customers with its customer-friendly policies for maximum satisfaction. Return and Exchange policy is one of them where if a customer refunds an item, the store must throw that away.

Thus, you can sometimes find expensive gaming accessories, games, and even collectibles in dumpsters, especially with opened or broken packing. It is because such items cannot go back on their shelves. That’s how you frequently find stuff, while GameStop dumpster diving can be valuable to many.

The best part is that they have all the gaming-related stuff you can think of, so the dumpster will contain versatile items.

Dumpster Diving Laws at GameStop

GameStop has a lot of stores across the USA and the whole world. So, depending on different locations, you may find varying dumpster diving rules. Most of the time, you will find a GameStop store following its state and local laws regarding dumpster diving. So, The most important thing you need to consider is following the trespassing rules.

 Apart from that, you must not create any disturbance or litter, which can also be considered criminal charges against you. According to the area’s law, depending on the circumstances, you may get caught, banned, fined, and jailed.

If you see a sign that prohibits trespassers on their property and the dumpsters are present on the private property, then you must stay out. As per the law, trespassing might be a criminal offense, and you will face the consequences when caught.

Dumpster Diving at GameStop

Is dumpster diving illegal at GameStop?

Is dumpster diving illegal at GameStop? Well, the answer to that depends on the circumstances and the location. There are 2 main cases. In the first case, the GameStop store will have its dumpsters present on private property. That property will be protected by:

  • Gates
  • Fences
  • No-Trespassing signs, etc.

For such properties, dumpster diving will be illegal because you are not allowed there until you get permission from the owner. So, if you want to dive into their trash, you must wait until it is moved from the private property onto some public spot. It is usually done when they expect the garbage truck to come and collect the trash.

In the other case, there will be no dumpsters on their private property, and they may use a nearby public dumpster. In such a case, there is nothing you need to worry about besides the local dumpster diving laws. If the local laws allow, you can dive into those dumpsters whenever possible.

There could also be a special case where the dumpsters are on their private property, but there is nothing to protect them from the divers. It can signify that the store does not care if you dive into the dumpsters. However, the safest way to dive into those dumpsters is still after asking them if they allow you.

How much can GameStop dumpster diving help you earn in one month?

Dumpster diving only at the GameStop stores can be a great way to earn a lot by spending much less time and effort. It is because the stuff you find here will be generally more expensive than other types.

However, it hugely depends on how lucky you are to find the best items and what is your knowledge base and experience about gaming items.

On average, you may earn up to $1500 if you consider it your part-time work. However, if you take it as your full-time source of earnings, you can average $2000 on average on a good month. It is because some items are just so valuable that they may sell for hundreds if you are lucky enough to find the right buyer.

However, if you can earn this much only from GameStop stores, you must visit other local gaming stores to find what they have in their dumpsters for you. The more stores you visit, the more items you can find, and it will be a great way to earn a living with a somewhat consistent income.

Dumpster Diving at GameStop

Best time to dumpster dive at GameStop

The best time to dumpster dive at GameStop stores is from 10 am to 12 pm during the weekdays. It is because GameStop employees will restock their shelves with the new items as soon as they get the shipment.

Regarding the returned items, those will be mostly found on weekends. However, remember that GameStop stores don’t follow any schedule to throw out trash and restock the shelves. So, the time may vary, but most of the time, going after 12 at noon will not be very beneficial as other divers or garbage trucks may have already picked up the valuable trash.

What is the best strategy for GameStop dumpster diving?

The best strategy for dumpster diving at the GameStop stores is to have a clear mindset about what you pick and skip. If you are looking for personal items, you will not earn a lot. However, if you want items to sell, go for the most valuable ones.

Finding one that sells for $50 is way better than finding 10 or 12 that sell for $5-$10 each. It is because selling valuable items is easier on different marketplaces like Facebook, eBay, etc.

What stuff can you expect while GameStop dumpster diving?

You can expect gaming-related products when dumpster diving at the GameStop stores. The list includes:

  1. Video games (disks and cartridges)
  2. Consoles, their parts, and accessories
  3. Gaming controllers
  4. Gaming mouse
  5. Gaming keyboard
  6. Gaming headsets
  7. Collectible items
  8. Gaming merchandise and other gaming accessories.

Why does GameStop throw away their stuff?

Bring the leading gaming products retailers; GameStop has to offer the best customer satisfaction. So, they ensure that there are no faulty or broken products on their shelves. Throwing such products away is cheaper than paying for space to store those.

That’s why the employees are instructed to get rid of those products, and they do it by throwing those away in the trash.

When does GameStop throw away their stuff?

They usually throw away any items that are:

  1. Taking up space on their shelves but not selling
  2. Broken items or items with broken packaging
  3. Returned products that have opened or broken packaging

These items are thrown out when the shelves are restocked, and the returned products are thrown out when they take out their trash.

Dumpster Diving at GameStop

Tips for Dumpster Diving in GameStop

Dumpster diving at GameStop may sound the same as regular dumpster diving, but it is way more technical. Having an idea about the items you find is essential. So, here are a few tips that might be helpful for you.

  • If you don’t know much about gaming stuff, always keep a smartphone to search for items on the go. Pick up everything you find, search for it, and throw the useless ones back.
  • If you have a gamer buddy who is also into dumpster diving, go with them, as they will teach you a lot.
  • A sharp opening object is always beneficial for products in bags or boxes.
  • If you find games, try to check if they work using a console, as the working ones may value more.
  • Keep covers with yourself for discs you find without covers, as any damage may make them unusable.
  • If you find an accessory that you think is fixable, then pick it up, and you can sell it after repairing it.

If you find it hard to be efficient at GameStop dumpster diving, these tips will surely keep you on the right track.

Final Words

You can earn a handsome amount by finding the right stuff at the nearby GameStop store. If you are a gamer, you may find some useful and collectible items. However, it is about your safety and your experience. So, ensure that you are aware of the local rules before diving into the dumpsters at the GameStop stores.