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Dumpster Diving at Petco: Everything You Need to Know!

Dumpster Diving at Petco

Going through trash cans can be fun when scavenging items you can use or sell. It brings earning opportunities in different ways, and that makes dumpster diving so popular these days.

Dumpsters only hold waste for some people, but if you go through the right dumpsters at the right time, you can find valuable stuff, especially during dumpster diving at Petco. Here you can find pet care products and supplies, but there is much to be careful about.

Dumpster Diving at Petco

Petco is one of the biggest pet retailer networks, with over 1500 stores across the USA. You can find all types of pet supplies, toys, and accessories here. At Petco, they ensure that every customer gets 100% satisfaction, which is why they throw a lot of items in the trash whenever a customer is not satisfied with their purchase.

While it enhances their customers’ experience, it also allows the dumpster divers here to find the most valuable items. Whenever a customer returns an item, the employees inspect it; if it is not resalable, they simply throw it out. Sometimes these products include broken or damaged ones, while sometimes, the product itself is perfect while the packaging is damaged.

Dumpster Diving Laws at Petco

Petco itself has no dumpster diving laws and follows all the local and state laws. So, dumpsters on their private property are also their property, including the trash inside. According to the dumpster diving laws at most places, you have no right to go through those dumpsters.

If you are fine illegally dumping through those dumpsters, the store owners or managers may call the cops on you, get you fined or jailed, and even ban you from that area.

So, for the best dumpster diving experience at the nearby Petco store, you must follow the local rules and refrain from breaking any. If you want to go through their dumpsters legally, then a good way is to ask for their permission.

Diving in the dumpster is not the only thing that may get you in trouble, as some other things to stay away from include:

  • Littering
  • Causing noise
  • Disturbing the surroundings

Refrain from these even if you are on public property.

Dumpster Diving at Petco

Is dumpster diving illegal at Petco?

You will mostly find the dumpsters at Petco present on their private property. However, when a Petco store is present inside a mall, the dumpsters are hard to access because they are mostly present indoors. In both these cases, the dumpsters are managed privately, so diving in them will be illegal unless you ask for the owner’s permission.

Sometimes you will find Petco stores throwing away their trash in the public dumpsters as they don’t have any at the back of the property. In that case, there will be no issue because as they throw out their trash, it becomes public property but abiding by your local dumpster diving laws is still important.

Whenever you find a dumpster near a Petco store, always look out for gated or fenced properties because you don’t want to go inside without permission. Also, look for the signs prohibiting trespassers.

Going into private property is illegal, and getting caught there can get you charged with the trespassing criminal offense. Some good store owners and managers may give you a chance by asking you to go away, and that’s when you must leave immediately; otherwise, you will find yourself in trouble.

Petco dumpster diving earning chances and how much can you earn?

Petco dumpster diving can help you earn well by picking up pet supplies and accessories. Although it depends on several factors, if you are determined to pick the most highly demanded products and work full-time, then going through the Petco dumpsters alone will help you make around $2000 a month.

The earning chances with part-time dumpster diving here can also result in around $1000 a month, which is well enough for several individuals considering dumpster diving as their side hustle. Remember that even with these higher chances of earning, the overall results will depend on the following factors:

  • Your knowledge about pet products and luck in finding the right ones most of the time
  • Visiting these stores at the right time
  • Picking up the products with better resale value
  • The time you invest and the number of Petco stores you visit

So, instead of relying on Petco dumpsters solely for your earning requirements, you should only take it as a side hustle. Otherwise, plan to visit all the dumpsters in your locality where you can find valuable stuff and visit the Petco stores.

Dumpster Diving at Petco

Best time to dumpster dive at Petco

Usually, Petco stores stay open from 10 am to 9 pm. Most of these stores will throw out their trash during the opening or closing of the store. So, you need to see when the store throws out its trash that you will be visiting.

Visiting during that time will be the best because you will not find a lot of other dumpster divers, so you can peacefully go through all the trash. Visiting the Petco dumpsters when other divers have been through them means you won’t find much good stuff.

How to prevent getting caught during Petco dumpster diving?

First, you need to know your local rules. While dumpster diving is allowed in all states, some local laws prohibit it. Say that it is allowed in your area. You must only go through public dumpsters. If the Petco store you visit has placed its dumpsters on private property, the best way to dive through them will be to ask for the owner’s permission.

Additionally, you must not create any disturbance or litter around the dumpsters. Following all these things will keep you safe from all criminal charges.

Things that you can find while dumpster diving at Petco

If you are diving into the dumpsters at Petco to find stuff for use with your pets, then your requirements will decide what you find and pick. However, when you look for stuff that you can sell to others, you will find many other products as well. Some common items include:

  • Pet food
  • Pet skincare products
  • Toys
  • Leashes
  • Feeders and bowls
  • Beds
  • Cameras and trackers, etc.

So, whenever you are going through these dumpsters, pick the items with a high resale value and high demand. These sell quickly compared to other products, and you may end up with a good profit from selling these products.

Whether you pick products for personal use or to sell, never go for the expired ones or those too close to their expiration date, as they will not be good for pets.

When does Petco throw away items into its dumpsters?

You will see that dumpsters at Petco have new products. These products are thrown away when they don’t sell, and the store needs to remove them from shelves to place new products. So, these are usually thrown away as the store opens or closes because that’s the time when most shelves are restocked at Petco.

When it comes to returned products, Petco throws products that return with open or broken packaging. Such products are usually thrown out at the weekends because that’s when the Petco stores are the busiest.

If you plan to visit these stores during the weekend, note their opening and closing times, as they may vary on weekends compared to the normal routine.

Is dumpster diving illegal at Petco

Tips for Dumpster Diving in Petco

Petco dumpster diving will be a different experience than other types. So, if you want the best results from every visit to Petco dumpsters, follow the tips below:

  • Always pick a consumable product after checking its expiring date. Consumables include food, medication, cleaning, and bathing products; expired ones can harm pets.
  • Always take a sharp box-cutting knife because some products will be on boxes, and you don’t want to waste any time opening those boxes.
  • Every Petco store near you will have a routine of throwing out their trash. See when they move their trash to the public dumpsters and visit them.
  • If the Petco store you visit has a dumpster in its private location, you should ask for the owner’s permission to dive in it to find the best stuff before any other diver.
  • If your city or municipality forbids public dumpster diving, you must avoid it at all costs.

Following all these tips will make you efficient at Petco dumpsters. Even if you dive through other dumpsters, you may follow these tips for better results.

Final Words

Petco is one of the largest networks of pet supply retailers in the USA throws some stuff that they don’t need, but it can still be worth a lot for you. So, you can go dumpster diving at Petco while abiding by all the local laws.

Here you can find items for your pets and things that sell online. Just ensure that you don’t pick up any expired products.