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Dumpster diving at Kroger: Everything You Need to Know!

Dumpster Diving at Kroger

The attractiveness of dumpster diving can often vary depending on the locations and dumpsters you select. When you visit Kroger, you won’t find the most pleasant dumpster diving experience because of the smell of food waste.

However, it is not about food waste only, as you may find some other items that can help you increase savings, or you may sell them for profit. Even then, dumpster diving at Kroger will be the least attractive experience.

Dumpster Diving at Kroger

Kroger is a chain of over 2000 grocery stores across the USA. Walmart makes the largest grocery store chain, and after that stands Kroger. Here customers can buy several household items, food items, and groceries, which can also be bought at the Kroger online store. Kroger is known for providing the best shopping experience to every customer.

A huge part of that experience comes from the customer-friendly return policy, where customers can return products within a specific time that fall under the eligible categories. It allows dumpster divers to find free items in Kroger’s trash, including food and other items.

So, dumpster diving here can be a unique experience where you find products from different categories and edible items. However, the experience is not the cleanest and safest because dumpsters may also include food waste, which can make things messy and smelly.

All you need to know about Dumpster diving

Dumpster Diving at Kroger

Benefits of Dumpster Diving at Kroger

Diving into the dumpsters at Kroger comes with several benefits. Generally, people have the basic idea of the benefits of dumpster diving that you can find stuff for personal usage or sell online. However, when you select Kroger for dumpster diving, there are some additional benefits that you may enjoy, including the following:

Get edible food for free: Firstly, you can get edibles for free. As there will be lots of returns that don’t go back on shelves, if something has its packing intact, you can consume that without any issues. It includes all grocery items, milk, and even bread loaves.

Stock items for personal usage: You will find all sorts of items, with some having their expiration date passed. However, some products will still have a lot of time before they go bad. Finding such items with intact packing means they are new and safe for use. You can take them home, sell them for profit, or stock them for personal use for as long as they don’t worsen.

Reduce waste and save money: When you get something from the trash, you don’t need to buy it. Doing so not only reduces waste but also helps you save money.

Dumpster Diving Laws at Kroger

When you check the dumpster diving laws at Kroger stores, you will not find the same experience at every store. Some stores will have no issues from dumpster divers. On the other hand, some stores use signs, gates, and fences to protect their dumpsters.

Remember that accessing the dumpsters present on their private property will be considered trespassing. Similarly, taking things from those dumpsters will be theft. Depending on the local and state laws, you may face the following consequences for doing that:

  • Fine
  • Prison time
  • A permanent ban from the store or location

Is dumpster diving illegal at Kroger?

Is dumpster diving illegal at Kroger stores? Technically it is not illegal as long as the officials at the store have no issues. However, you must refrain if they prohibit you from accessing dumpsters on their private property.

The solution to that is asking for permission from officials at the store. If they allow, you may explore the dumpsters.

Even if you have permission, you must leave immediately if you are asked to. Now, the only legal way to dumpster dive into Kroger’s trash is to wait until it is moved to public property. When that happens, the Kroger store will withdraw any rights of ownership of that trash and become public property so you can access it without any issues.

What Items Can You Find in a Kroger Dumpster?

The first rule of finding items from dumpsters at Kroger is looking at their expiration date. Anything that is expired or is nearly expired will not be good for picking up. With that in consideration, you can find things including:

  • Outdoor lifestyle products
  • Toys
  • Home goods
  • Electronics
  • Merchandise
  • Consumables and food items

If you want to stay profitable, looking for things that sell with higher profit margins would be a good idea instead of going for smaller and less profitable things.

What happens with returned items at Kroger?

Kroger maintains a good customer satisfaction experience with its friendly return policy. However, this policy regularly creates a lot of waste as Kroger does not follow product recycling or reusing programs. So, anything that is returned simply gets thrown in the dumpsters.

These items can include perfect items with broken packaging or slightly used items. With products still in good functional quality resting in dumpsters, you can get them for free and sell them at a cheaper price resulting in profits.

What items should you refrain from picking from dumpsters at Kroger?

Remember that anything you find in the dumpsters at Kroger will be dirty, and it may be hazardous for you to touch. So, first of all, you need to refrain from picking up dirty items. Any edible items that do not seem normal or have broken packaging must also be refrained from.

Lastly, the expiration date will be your threshold for selecting items.

Anything not within the usable time limit must not be picked as it is not safe anymore. If you still have to pick up something from the trash, take proper precautions to keep yourself safe from germs and health problems.

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How many earnings can you expect from dumpster diving at Kroger?

You must keep your expectations low regarding earning from dumpster diving here. It is because most of the time, you will not find items that sell well, and most dumpsters will have edible and consumable products. Those items are good for personal use. On a good day, you may find some clothing or electronic item that you may sell for a decent profit.

With these items, you can only make a few hundred a month, no matter how much time you put into Kroger dumpster diving. With fewer chances of earning goods, Kroger dumpsters can sometimes provide you with the items that can replace your expenditures, so it will save you one way or another.

Lastly, remember that Kroger dumpster diving can sometimes get smelly and messy.

Best time to dumpster dive at Kroger

During the weekdays you need to visit these stores in the evening. When the store closes, employees will be throwing away all the trash out of the store where you can find all sorts of items.

If you want to find more valuable items, you must not miss visiting Kroger’s store on weekends because the number of returned products will be the highest on weekends.

So, when visiting on weekends after the store closes, you may find more items than on weekdays.

Tips for safely dumpster diving at Kroger

When diving inside the dumpsters at Kroger, you need to be a little extra cautious about your safety. So, here are some tips you may follow for your safety:

  • During Kroger dumpster diving, you must come covered with a face mask, eye protection, and protective gloves so you never get anything harmful on sensitive skin parts.
  • Always go for Kroger dumpster diving in old dirty clothes that you can even throw away if they get dirty.
  • Be very careful about consumable items with their expiry date near or expired.
  • To stay safe from all types of criminal charges, you must ask for an official’s permission when accessing dumpsters present on Kroger’s private property.
  • If you don’t know about something you found in these dumpsters, research it and only get the good stuff.

With all these tips implemented in your dumpster diving routine, you will never face any safety issues.

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Dumpster Diving at Kroger

Final Words

Dumpster diving at Kroger can offer good value for your efforts as you save one way or another. However, you may not find it very attractive if you are a clean freak and care a lot about your hygiene, health, and safety.

Remember that planning it as a part of your dumpster diving route gives you more places to explore and more stuff to pick.