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Interesting Dumpster Diving Laws in Oregon

Dumpster Diving Laws in Oregon

You might be curious to learn dumpster diving laws in Oregon but before that let us explain what dumpster diving actually is!

Dumpster diving is the process of retrieving usable items from trash containers. It’s a form of scavenging and can be done for food, clothing, or other materials.

While it may seem like an unconventional way to get what you need, many people find success through dumpster diving. Some use it as a way to get free stuff, while for others, it is a full-term career to earn extra cash.

No matter how you see it, dumpster diving is an interesting phenomenon with several rules and regulations as per state.

Here we are digging into the details of dumpster diving law in Oregon, so stay tuned!

Dumpster Diving Laws by State

Every state has its own laws when it comes to dumpster diving. In some states, it is illegal to take anything out of a dumpster that is not yours, while in other states, there are no restrictions whatsoever.

It is important for people who want to start dumpster diving to be aware of its legality in their state.

According to state laws, dumpster diving is legal across more than 50 states of America. However, there are a few states like NC where dumpster diving is strictly prohibited and considered illegal by the state.

In a few states where government authorities allow dumpster diving, big stores like Walmart still call it illegal under Trespass law. Therefore, you need to be well-versed with the law before dumpster diving in your area.

Dumpster Diving Laws by State

Oregon Dumpster Diving Laws

Oregon’s Supreme Court has made strict rules against dumpster diving, disagreeing with the notion of sifting through another’s trash can.

According to dumpster diving laws in Oregon, it is a privacy violation to sift through someone’s trash before it gets emptied. The only people who should be looking at what is inside are disposal company employees, and even they shouldn’t have access unless given permission by the property owner.

If any person is caught scanning the garbage bins outside another’s property, he will be heavily fined as per the valuables disposed of in the dumpster. However, dumpster diving is allowed at public garbage dumping sites.

Is it Illegal to Dumpster Dive in Oregon?

Dumpster diving can be a great way to get free items, but it is important to make sure you legally do so. Before you start digging through garbage cans for treasure, be sure and check out your state’s specific laws regulating the activity.

Dumpster diving is technically illegal in Oregon if you do it around private property, such as outside anybody’s home or at different stores. Only local garbage disposal bodies are allowed to sift through private garbage cans.

They then dispose of all the trash at public garbage sites where it is absolutely legal to dumpster dive for common men. 

For more information on dumpster diving around Oregon, click HERE!

Is it Illegal to Dumpster Dive in Oregon

Is Dumpster Diving in Oregon a Criminal Act?

Can I get in trouble for going through someone else’s trash?

I was expecting the answer to be yes, but fortunately, it is not. Oregon dumpster diving is completely legal as long as you do so under state law.

Scanning through private dumpsters may not be allowed; however, dumpster diving at Oregon public garbage collection sites is fairly legal.

What Happens if You Get Caught Dumpster Diving?

If you get caught dumpster diving at a private site, you will be subjected to a heavy fine under state law.

Oregon’s state law considers dumpster diving at private locations as theft, and the fine is calculated according to the value of items present in the dumpster.

You might also get banned from visiting those locations if any private property owner sees you dumpster diving without consent and calls local law enforcement agencies.

Can You Go to Jail for Dumpster Diving in Oregon?

Unfortunately Yes. If the private property owner claims theft charges against the dumpster diver, the police will have to prosecute the person legally.

One may not be kept in jail for several days against dumpster diving charges; however, initial prosecution may require one to go to jail before paying a fine.

Oregon Dumpster Diving Laws

Final Word!

Oregon has a law that allows people to collect recyclable materials from dumpsters.

The law is meant to help reduce the amount of waste going into landfills. This law can be beneficial for small businesses that are looking to save money on their recycling costs.

However, there are some restrictions on what you can and cannot collect, so reading up on the laws is important before diving in.

For more information on Oregon’s dumpster diving laws, visit our website. We have all the information you need to get started!