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How does an energy recovery wheel improve system efficiency?

How does an energy recovery wheel improve system efficiency

It is now evident that we as a society are the reason why the natural sources of the world are now getting limited. Hence, we cannot keep up with the huge amount of energy by conserving it. Hence, the use of the energy recovering wheel improves system efficiency that in turn can be useful in the pharmaceutical companies that generate energy.

The HVAC systems are an important part of such industries and play a main role to regulate the exchange of air cleaning for better working of the systems. However, people still are unaware with the fact with how does an energy recovery wheel improves system efficiency. Therefore, today we will talk more about it in further detail.

What is an energy recovery wheel?

Many buildings require a constant supply or flow of air to remove the contaminated air that comes from the outer environments. This is because the job of cleaning and maintaining the indoor or central air conditioners are very important for various reasons where health is a major one.

But besides this, the main problem arises when the level of humidity and temperature is different in your room as compared to the outer surroundings. Hence, there is a need for the air to be altered to become ideal for traveling into the room or area within.

  • This process requires a lot of current or flow of energy. Not only this but the process of cooling the air needs to have a good amount of energy usage around the globe. Hence, at such events, this is where you can use the energy recovery wheel.
  • The majority of people are not aware of the details and working of an energy recovery wheel. In simple terms, the energy recovery wheels are an essential part of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning that is known as the HVAC system.
  • The energy recovery wheels are the ways or forms through which you can transfer energy in the form of heat, moisture, or even both as well. With the perfect levels of air moving in and out of the room.

What is the concept behind it?

The basic concept of how does an energy recovery wheel improve system efficiency, is very simple. They can be placed in the areas where they can come in contact with the contaminated air or impure air and the other part of the system can deliver the fresh air.

Such procedures give such a system the main benefit where it can select the temperature and humidity on their own needs that mainly depends on the levels present inside the building or room. Hence, as a result, the incurrent air can be set up at the required levels of humidity and temperature.

This process is mainly labeled as a passive procedure and is known to be a reason for reducing the energy and the converting cost up to a greater extent. Also, one thing to remember is that in some areas the energy recovery wheel can also reduce the demand for conditioning the air that is in current by 95%. To sum up, we can say that the energy recovery wheel is a process for recycling latent energy.

heat recovery wheel working principle

How does an energy recovery wheel improve system efficiency?

After knowing what is the energy recovery wheel the next thing to know more in detail is how they help in enhancing the efficiency of the system. The first thing to identify about them is that the heat recovery wheel working principle is based upon the law of thermodynamics. That law states, energy cannot be created and cannot be destroyed. It only changes one form to another form. This is the main heat recovery wheel working principle.

The energy recovery wheel system is manufactured from the material of metal alloy that is coated with the moisture-absorbing materials that are

  • Silica gel
  • Molecular sieve

Secondly, the presence of the honeycomb mixture of the metal and moisture-retaining material functions to maximize the area over which the air might pass. This is for the better and enough transfer of energy. As the outer air or excurrent passes with the help of the energy recovery wheel it comes into work. The first half of the energy recovering wheel will be exposed to start the absorption of latent energy from the air content and then carry it slowly with the average pace at which it might rotate for getting released as the incurrent air.

The other physical features of the energy recovery wheel then offer the system to manage as per its’ requirements. It can choose the preferred level of temperature, humidity, and more according to the environment of the room or building.

Such property can be an ideal way by which the efficiency of the system can be increased in respective weathers. Like, in the summer season the incurrent air can be cooled much more depending upon the heat energy that the excurrent air is containing. Likewise, in the winter season, the excurrent air can be transferred into the room with an increased warm temperature.

Hence, in either of those cases, we can say that the energy recovery wheel can change the levels of the air that is entering the building. It works on the heat recovery wheel working principle that enables the system to transform the energy rather than forcing it into another form of energy.

Energy Recovery Wheel Maintenance Tips

Every machine needs to be taken good care of. Likewise, the energy recovery wheel also requires good maintenance. Some of the tips to take good care of the energy recovery wheel are mentioned below.

Soak it for 10 mins

leave the segments to soak for about 10 minutes in preferable cleaning solutions. You can use any average home detergent used for cleaning, formula 409, or more. This procedure of cleaning an energy recovery wheel is enough if it is present in a less contaminated environment.

Soaking for overnight

If your energy recovery wheel is present in high amounts of smoke or dirty then you need to soak your segments overnight time. Again, the solution can be either of your choices. After you are done soaking the segments for a night, wash them with tap water and pat them dry or air dry.

Check for any loose ends

If you think that your energy recovery wheels are not working ideally then look into it. You can use a screwdriver and check for the loose ends and fix it on your own as well. Or if you think the problem is based internally then you can take it to a good mechanic that is professional in such factors.

How do energy recovery systems are helping the environment?

There are many ways in which energy recovery systems can be useful for the environment. Some of the ways are mentioned below.

Reduce the cost of energy

With the use of such systems, you do not have to worry about the budget going over the bar. If you are short or tight on your budget and cannot afford other ways then energy recovery wheels can be ideal for you.

They are known to contribute quite ideally when it comes to energy savings. Energy recovery wheels can pay you back the cost that took in the process of installation within three years. After this, they can be a good way of earning a huge amount of profit in the next 15 to 20 years.

Healthy lifestyle

The air that is transferred from one form to another is done by safe methods and you do not have to worry about them. They reduce the amount of carbon dioxide gas and other dangerous gases to avoid health concerning risks like asthma or other breathing problems.

It is an advanced and easy to use technology

The other main reason why people tend to opt for energy recovery wheels is that these systems are very easy to use. You do not have to go over the board to do something extra for it to start working. Also, the steps of installation are quite simple. This system might be simple to use but do not take it for granted as it works on the latest technology rules.

Reduce the cost of energy


The above-mentioned information tells everything about how does an energy recovery wheel improve system efficiency. Hence, if you want to know more about it then keep on reading them. It also explains how to take good care of an energy recovery wheel system.


When should I use energy recovery wheels?

The energy recovery wheel should be used when you want to reduce the energy cost and get the desired humidity and temperature level of air.

How do you clean energy recovery wheels?

You can clean the energy recovery wheels by the help of two methods that are soaking for 10 minutes in normal conditions. Or soaking them for a night to loosen dirt or grip.

How efficient are energy recovery ventilators?

They are known to be at least 75% efficient as they are cost-effective as well. So, they are great way of increasing energy efficiency.

What is energy recovery in HVAC?

The energy recovery wheels in HVAC gives the benefit of choosing and maintaining the air as per the room’s humid and temperature levels.

Are energy recovery ventilators worth the cost?

Usually, they are cost-effective but that does not mean they are inexpensive. But they are definitely worth the purchase for a longer-term use.