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The Real Answer to the Question: Is Dumpster Diving Illegal in Arizona?

is dumpster diving illegal in arizona

Arizonans who are all geared up to dive into the adventurous activities of dumpster diving in Arizona are often confused about one thing. The legality of the activity.

So, we have created this guide to clear the doubts and confusion you might have about the dumpster quest in AZ. This article will go over the laws regarding dumpster diving (in Arizona) and things you should consider when participating in this hobby.

Dumpster Diving in Arizona

Arizona is full of some of the best complexes and shopping malls, and it is an excellent place to dumpster dive.

In Arizona, 5490 shopping stores are the best places where you can sift through the trash cans conveniently. Some of the dive-worthy dumpsters you might find at places like:

  • Queen Creek
  • Fountain Hills
  • Marana
  • Scottsdale
  • Paradise Valley

So, if you are on the fence about starting dumpster diving in Arizona, don’t worry. You’ll get many opportunities to find stuff in the dumpsters. Go ahead. The dumpsters in AZ are hiding plenty of gems you can sell and make money.

Dumpster Diving in Arizona

Dumpster Diving Laws in Arizona

In the eyes of the law, dumpster diving in almost every locality of Arizona is legal.

Nobody can take legal action against you if you are found hunting some stuff through public pickups, curbs, or garbage cans.

And, if you are unfamiliar with the landmark US Supreme Court case of 1988 (California vs. Greenwood), let us help you. As per the law, if a company or a person has thrown their stuff into a public place, they have technically abandoned their ownership rights.

Hence, they can’t file any complaint against anyone who’s taken that stuff from a public dumping place.

On the other hand, the situation can be different if you are found trespassing someone’s private property and could be charged with theft. Other than being charged for trespassing citations, that business or property has the right to completely ban you from their premises. And, it doesn’t end here. You might also be charged for things like:

  • Illegal dumping
  • Littering
  • Disorderly behavior
Dumpster Diving Laws in Arizona

Is Dumpster Diving Illegal in Arizona  

Many Arizonians are seen to be posing questions like…

Is dumpster diving or searching in trash legal in Arizona? Is it against the law to dumpster dive in Arizona? So, here’s a quick answer:

Dumpster diving is not illegal in Arizona. But, mind it, we are talking about dumpster diving here, NOT trespassing. So, you must be familiar with your state’s trespassing laws. Also, keep an eye on your municipality’s local laws and statutes. They might differ from one place to another.

Now, let us tell you a bit about why trespassing is not allowed…

Trespassing is an act of diving into someone’s public property (which is not permissible). Any dumpster or trash can with a sign of “No Trespassing” means you gotta stay away from it.

If we just put the legality of the action aside, some cops might also deter dumpster divers from sifting through trash cans as they might take it as unsafe or unsanitary. Hence, you must be equipped with your safety gear to ensure the cops (if they get in the way of your hunt) that you have your safety measures in place.

In fact, you have to take care of everything that might stop you from plunging into dumpsters and can be a hindrance in your way to get your desired food and stuff out of dumpsters.

Is Dumpster Diving Illegal in Arizona  

Is Dumpster Diving Illegal Near Tucson?

Dumpster diving near Tucson is legal, except you are not in the locality where any ordinance or statute prohibits dumpster diving. You can sift through trash anywhere you find warrantless junk abandoned by the people.

Is Dumpster Diving Illegal in Phoenix?

Suppose you are thinking of dumpster diving in Phoenix, Arizona. In that case, there’s no apparent hindrance to that as the activity is not illegal in the eyes of laws as fast as you have confined your activities according to the municipality’s or locality’s laws regarding the dumpster diving.

Is Dumpster Diving Illegal in Mesa, AZ?

Absolutely not! Dumpster diving in Mesa, AZ, is not illegal. No rules would stop you from diving into dumpsters in Mesa. However, you must be attentive while diving into dumpsters so that you don’t trespass a gated or prohibited dumpster.

Is Dumpster Diving Illegal in Scottsdale?

Dumpster diving is not illegal, no matter in what state you are in. Follow Scottsdale’s local rules, and feel free to dumpster dive there.

Can You Go to Jail for Dumpster Diving in Arizona?

No, you can’t go to jail for dumpster diving in Arizona if you are not found trespassing. Also, your dumpster diving act should not conflict with the city, county, and state ordinances.

Best Places to Go Dumpster Diving in Arizona

Before we tell you about some of the best places to go dumpster diving in Arizona, warning you about where you shouldn’t be dumpster diving in AZ might clear some dust.

So, remember only one thing…

Suppose you need to unlock a gate/fence OR enter any private property to dive into a trash can. Just back off. These are not the best places for your hunt. Especially when you don’t have any relevant license or permits!

Having said that, let us now list some of the hot places where you’d find some great dumped items to sell are:

  • Cosmetic Stores
  • Bakeries
  • Cafes
  • Grocery Stores
  • Shopping Malls
  • Yard Sales
  • Construction Sites
Best Places to Go Dumpster Diving in Arizona

The Estimated Money Can You Make Dumpster Diving in Arizona

Well, that depends!

Multiple factors influence the estimated money you can earn through dumpster diving in Arizona. But the major ones are the purpose of your dive.

Say, you might want to dive into garbage cans to find recyclable items you intend to sell further. Or, you might have the intention to dive into trash bins to curate some grocery items to bring to your dining. However, most dumpster divers look for electronic gadgets that they can sell at reasonable prices on local marketplaces. Such things really earn them good bucks.

One thing is sure: You can make a living out of your dumpster hunts in Arizona.

Tiffany Buttlr, a dumpster diving mom, makes $4000 monthly (on average) as a side hustle through her dumpster hauls. If she can, so can you!

However, mind one thing if you are considering switching to dumpster diving full-time. That’s not an excellent idea, especially if you are a newbie and might not sustain for a long time. Just keep your hauls as a side hustle in the beginning and once you feel that you have developed a good foundation, just put in more effort and dedication.

According to many dumpster divers in Arizona, you can earn up to $1700 if you get fully submerged in the activity.

Best Time to Dumpster Dive in Arizona

The best time to dumpster dive in Arizona is early morning and right when the sunlight makes things more visible.

However, the restrictions or limitations are the same whether you carry out your dive in the morning or at night. Many dumpsters might want to dig into the trash cans at night as they prefer some alone time near those bins, but the truth is it can be riskier to be inside or near the dumpsters at night.

Tips for Dumpster Diving in Arizona

There’s no silver bullet that can make you a pro diver while you are on your way to turning trash into treasure. However, you can follow some tips and tricks to make the most out of your every trip to dumpsters.

Remember! Your safety has to be the priority. So, we won’t give you any tips for being safe. You have to be a pro before hitting a single dumpster. Make it a rule. Live by it. And then follow the tips.

Below we are sharing some tips that you might find handy while dumpster diving in Arizona.

  • You can find the city code of your municipality on the internet and double-check if there are any local laws regarding your locale.
  • Visit all the potential hotspots in your area and chalk out a plan for a dumpster day or night out.
  • Follow the actionable plan.
  • Boost your dumpster diving skills. You may take help from YT and join your local communities or forums to connect with like-minded people.
  •  Lastly, use common sense and do not indulge in any suspicious activity that might get you into some problematic situation.
Tips for Dumpster Diving in Arizona

Final Words

Arizona is no less than a treasure box for dumpster divers. All you have to do is make a roadmap to follow in your adventure, and you’ll hit the desired goal you might have set about your earnings out of dumpster diving.

So, that was all you needed to know about dumpster diving in Arizona. We have provided all the insights you must be aware of to get started and get serious about your dumpster diving career in Arizona.

As you can see, dumpster diving in Arizona has excellent potential to earn the divers some good money if done with dedication.

So, what’s your income goal as a newbie dumpster diver?