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Is dumpster diving illegal in Idaho? Get a Better Understanding!

Is dumpster diving illegal in Idaho

Everyone is looking to get into dumpster diving because of its benefits. Some want to make a living by selling stuff, while others like to collect and use items they find.

With changing rules about dumpster diving, everyone asks, “is dumpster diving illegal in Idaho”? If you are planning to go dumpster dive, stay aware of all the rules about it in Idaho so you can continue to worry-free.

Dumpster diving in Idaho

Idaho is considered the gem state for those who love dumpster diving. It is because it has 7 major shopping complexes, making it a great destination to dumpster dive.

Those major shopping centers are not the only dumpster dive places here. Dumpster diving is also common in rich areas in Idaho, which include:

  • Eagle
  • Star
  • Ammon
  • Meridian
  • Kuna
  • Lewiston
  • Post Falls
  • Hayden
  • Hailey

Idaho makes a good destination with so many rich localities to dumpster dive in. Whether you go to the shopping malls or the districts with residential areas, there will be good opportunities with less competition.

Most stores and malls here include grocery stores, hardware and electronics stores, and even cosmetic stores. So, finding your treasure in someone else’s trash is possible here.

Dumpster diving in Idaho

Dumpster diving laws in Idaho

As dumpster diving inside Idaho is legal, some rules make it clear.

Obey all the signs: Whenever entering a property to dumpster dive, look for signs and restrictions. You must not enter that private property if there are any trespassing notices or other signs.

Do not go into the private property if restricted: If you find a property with no trespassing signs or notices, but it is fenced or gated, you must not go past it without permission. Breaking inside will be against the local law leaving you with expensive charges.

Do not litter: When dumpster diving inside Idaho, make sure to maintain cleanliness. Littering is an offense here, whether there is a sign about it. So, even if you litter, clean up the place as soon as possible before leaving.

Do not cause disturbance during your activity: Disorderly conduct inside Idaho is a crime, so it is better to stay low when dumpster diving. You must not cause any disturbance or create any scene.

Respectfully leave if you are asked to: If you are on someone’s private property for dumpster diving and they ask you to leave, respectfully leave without any arguments.

Is dumpster diving illegal in Idaho?

No, dumpster diving inside Idaho is not illegal. It is legal in the entire state as long as you meet the laws of dumpster diving here. From private property trespassing rules to other municipality policies, you must adhere to all of them. This legal activity can become illegal if you violate other rules, especially the private property rules in Idaho.

  • Dumpster diving on public property

If you are dumpster diving at the garbage pickup curbs on public property, then there are no laws restricting you. It is because ownership rights are waived whenever the garbage from private property moves to public dumpsters across the country. Thus, that garbage becomes public property.

  • Dumpster diving on private property

If you are trespassing inside a private property and dumpster diving without the owner’s permission, you can get trespassing penalties in Idaho. In such a case, you may also get theft charges for diving into the dumpster still inside some private property.

You will only get the charges if the private property is commercial. However, if that is some commercial property like a shopping mall, then you can also get banned from it for the following charges:

  1. Illegal dumping
  2. Littering
  3. Disorderly conduct, etc.
  • The right way to dumpster dive here

So, if you want to access a dumpster present at some private property, you need to get appropriate licenses and permits along with permission from the owner. However, remember that these are not the best places for dumpster diving inside Idaho.

Is dumpster diving illegal in Idaho

Is it illegal to dumpster dive during the night in Idaho?

No, there are no restrictions on dumpster diving during the night, but the chances of finding good stuff are less. Additionally, the chances of police officers searching that area are higher at night so you may get caught. Going in the morning is a better idea, especially after the rising sun.

Is dumpster diving illegal in Boise, Idaho?

No, it is not illegal in Boise as long as you are on public property. Going inside some private property without permission can get you penalties.

Is dumpster diving illegal in Nampa, Idaho?

No, it is not illegal as long as the dumpster is in an enclosed area and there are no “No trespassing signs” on that property. If the dumpster is on private property with signs, you may need permission from the owner.

What happens if you get caught dumpster diving in Idaho?

Getting caught dumpster diving illegally inside Idaho can get you in trouble. There are different penalties for different acts and charges, and below are the details of all of them:

  1. Trespassing has a penalty of 30 days in jail or a fine of $250, considered a serious criminal offense.
  2. You may get around a year in jail or a $2500 fine for vandalism. These can be even higher.
  3. For the charge of littering, you may have to pay a fine of up to $500
  4. Disorderly conduct can have 4th-degree charges on you with a fine ranging up to $1000

Best places to go dumpster diving in Idaho

Idaho has 678 shopping stores with 7 major complexes, most hardware stores, grocery stores, electronic stores, etc. So, dumpster diving at these places can help you find some treasure easily:

  1. Shopping malls
  2. Hardware stores
  3. Rich neighborhoods
  4. Garage sales
  5. Electronic stores
  6. Construction sites
  7. Cosmetic stores

Apart from the commercial area, going for the rich localities like Eagle, Star, Hayden, Ammon, etc. will be a good choice for finding valuable treasure. While you are in these locations, prioritize going for the dumpsters present on public property or those that are not gated or fenced.

What can you earn from dumpster diving in Idaho?

Idaho is known for its rich residential areas and a long list of shopping malls and stores. With high chances of finding valuable goods in dumpsters, the chances of earning good money increase. However, the earnings, specifically through dumpster diving inside Idaho, can be affected by several factors. Those factors include:

  1. What are you dumpster diving for? Are you looking for valuable items, food, or items to recycle?
  2. Are you dumpster diving to find stuff that you can personally use?
  3. Are you in search of things that you can easily upsell?
  • Important Note:

If you are dumpster diving to look for the things that you can upsell, then you can make up to $3000 a month. Managing it like your full-time work will not be easy as there is high competition among dumpster divers. Working up to 40 hours weekly can also get you around $1800 weekly.

So, earning this much is possible with dumpster diving, but it is not sure if you would be able to do that. Additionally, the stuff you find to upsell may take longer to sell, delaying your payment.

Is dumpster diving illegal in Idaho

Best time to dumpster dive in Idaho

The best time to dumpster dive here is early morning, as the sun rises. It is because there will be lesser people seeing you dumpster dive. It is also when most stores throw their trash into the dumpsters, so chances of finding the best stuff increase at this time.

Additionally, the chances of a policeman finding you will also be less. Going dumpster diving at night is illegal, but it is not the best time in Idaho. During the night hours, you may not find the best stuff and the chances of getting caught are also higher during the night.

Tips for dumpster diving in Idaho

By collecting the right type of stuff and selling it at the right place, you can easily make huge profits. That’s what makes dumpster diving inside Idaho so attractive.

Following the tips below can make your dumpster diving experience better:

  1. Staying silent is the most effective thing about dumpster diving inside Idaho. You do not need to make any disturbance or noise to annoy people in the surroundings.
  2. Do not rely only on one dumpster or one place. Try going through multiple locations to increase your chances of finding valuable goods.
  3. Carry your tools like a cutter or a bag so that dumpster diving becomes easier for you.
  4. Do not waste too much time at one dumpster because the valuable items may not always be in the same dumpster.
  5. Sell stuff online or hold a garage sale to get the best prices for items you found in the trash.
  6. Ensure permission before entering any private property; otherwise, you will be in trouble.

Follow these tips and earning a handsome amount will become easier for you.

Final words

Dumpster diving in Idaho is getting common day by day. Knowing all the rules and regulations is a good way of starting it. As different rules are effective for dumpster diving, things can get troublesome if you do not follow all of them. So, make sure to follow all the dumpster diving laws in Idaho.