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Which of the following best describes sustainable development?

Which of the following best describes sustainable development

It is important that we work on the development of our society to meet the needs of humans, but it is also very much important that we pay attention to the way through which we are fulfilling our needs. It is necessary to set principles for achieving human development needs or goals. Sustain development is the only way of doing it. So, we should learn which of the following best describes sustainable development.

If we keep burning fossil fuels, it will pollute the environment, the rate of global warming will rise, plus we will be finishing our natural resources. It is very much important to bring sustainability to our system if we want to protect the environment for our future generations.

What is sustainable development?

The concept of sustainable development was introduced by Bruntland Commission back in 1987. The concept of sustainable development is based on the theory that we do everything to need our present needs without compromising our coming generations’ future. If we keep polluting the environment, then our future generations won’t be able to survive in the polluted environment.

What is sustainable development?

Natural resources and ecosystem

It is obvious that humans are forced to burn fossil fuels to fulfill today’s energy requirements. Well, by burning fossil fuels, we are leaving nothing for our future generations but a polluted environment.

Natural resources will come to an end one day if we keep consuming them at the same pace. It is why the concept of sustainable development was introduced, so we try new practices to save our natural resources and ecosystem. It’s important to understand this if we want to know which of the following best describes sustainable development.

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How can sustainable development help protect the environment?

If we try to apply the mantra of sustainable development, then we will try not to waste our natural resources. Right now, the biggest threat our planet is facing is global warming. The glaciers are melting because of the excessive amount of pollution in our environment, and the trees are getting cut down.

So, if we try to practice sustainability, the pollution will go down for sure the global warming level will also go down a bit.

5 goals to achieve sustainable development?

Here are the 5 goals that would help in achieving sustainable development, and know which of the following best describes sustainable development.

How can sustainable development help protect the environment

1. Clean water and environment

The basic need of life is water, and it is very much important that everyone drinks clean water to remove the sickness from society. A clean environment is everyone’s right, and it is only possible if we stop polluting it in the first place. There are many human practices that eventually pollute the environment.

First of all, we need to become more organized by not polluting the environment and start paying more attention to the 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle) rule.

2. Gender equality

Everyone has the same right to live. There are places where women don’t get the same right as men. Bringing gender equality is also a part of sustainable development, so everyone will be able to do the same to save the environment and improve our future generations’ lifestyles.

3. Quality education

One of the most important goals of sustainable development is quality education for every single poor and rich person. It is everyone’s birthright that they get an education so they become better people and would do things to bring prosperity to their country.

4. Well-being and a healthy environment

A healthy environment and well-being are also possible if we take care of the environment by not polluting it. Improving our practices that pollute the environment would help in improving our lives.

5. Zero hunger

More job and work opportunities to remove hunger from society is also a key goal to achieving sustainable development.

5 goals to achieve sustainable development

Final Remarks:

We have only talked about the 5 goals to achieve sustainable development, but there are many others too. You might be thinking that which of the following best describes sustainable development, then it has to be quality education.

Yes, if everyone gets an equal chance of getting a high-quality education, then everyone would try their best to save their environment by becoming a part of the economy. They would be inventing new methods that would save our world and helps in achieving sustainable development goals.