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Dumpster Diving at Ace Hardware: Everything You Need to Know!

Dumpster diving at Ace Hardware

If there is one store that can cater to all your needs regarding hardware and tools, then it is Ace Hardware.

However, buying things from Ace Hardware is not always necessary since you can find them for free in their dumpsters.

Dumpster diving at Ace Hardware can be your way of finding the hardware essentials you need, and even if there is something you don’t need, you can always sell it to others for profit.

Dumpster diving at Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware is the biggest hardware store chain in the USA, where you can find every tool, power tool, and other hardware supplies for home improvement and other projects.

With over 4000 stores in the USA alone, it is a great place for shopping and dumpster diving. It is because Ace Hardware stores are famous for throwing lots of items in their dumpsters that can benefit you.

Additionally, every store has many small items with affordable price tags. So, if you find those inside the dumpsters, you can easily carry them and sell them online or offline for good profitability.

Most of these items are slightly used because some users return them away. With its stores located usually in busy areas, your chances of finding products to sell increase.

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Dumpster diving at Ace Hardware

Pros and Cons of Ace Hardware dumpster diving

Ace Hardware dumpster diving has many pros, but there are some cons. So, before you begin with it, ensure to have a look at the pros and cons below:

A.      Pros

Ace Hardware dumpster diving pros include:

1.      Free hardware

All the hardware and tools you find inside dumpsters will be free. Even if it is new, you can pick it up, and it will be yours for free.

2.      Big variety

Ace Hardware is known for keeping a variety of products. You never know which item from the store is present inside the dumpster.

3.      Less waste

By dumpster diving, you will be reducing the waste at Ace Hardware. Hence, less waste will go to landfills, which will help control pollution.

B.      Cons

Ace Hardware dumpster diving cons include:

1.      Injury chances

Tools and hardware can cause injury in different ways. There are sharp objects, heavy tools, and pointy nails; you can even get a splinter that will be extremely painful.

2.      Legal prohibition

Dumpster diving, being legally prohibited in your area, is the biggest con you will face. You must find another store even if the Ace Hardware store prohibits it.

3.      Unsanitary dumpsters

Dumpsters are full of germs; if a sharp tool cuts you, this unsanitary condition can cause infections. So, you must be very careful.

How does Ace Hardware handle its waste?

It is a common practice for Ace Hardware employees to put all their waste in the bins inside the stores.

When the store opens the next day, they restock their shelves, adding more trash to those bins. Right before opening the store, the employees will take out their trash and throw it into the dumpsters.

While there is some trash in those dumpsters, there are usually a lot of items that do not sell well or are not good enough to be sold to the customers.

Employees at Ace Hardware do not deal with returned products the same way; more on that later.

How does Ace Hardware handle its returns?

Ace Hardware follows similar strategies regarding returns as other stores do. The products are inspected, and employees will return them if they are good enough to be put back on the shelves.

However, if a product is not that good, it will be returned to the supplier. Some products are not in either condition or end up inside the dumpsters.

So, when an employee throws away some of their products inside a dumpster, it is the chance for you to take it or sell it.

Dumpster diving at Ace Hardware

What to do if a tool picked from Ace Hardware dumpsters does not work?

Say that you find something that could be sold for huge profits, but you now find that it does not turn on. Instead of throwing it away, you need to give it a shot.

Depending on your technical skills, you can try repairing it. For example, replacing a battery, charging it, or changing the charger will do the job for a power tool. You may need to invest a little in repairing, but the return will be huge.

Similarly, you can assure the customers that the product is in working condition and you have tested it (or give them a live demo).

In this way, you can successfully sell something that does not work. Otherwise, you can take parts or accessories of that tool and sell them separately. Your last resort will be leaving that back in the dumpster.

Dumpster diving laws at Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware stores are usually located on private properties and follow the private property law.

Since their dumpsters are inside the private property, going inside without their permission will be considered illegal and trespassing according to local and state laws. That’s why Ace Hardware stores protect their dumpsters by installing the following:

  • Security cameras
  • No-Trespassing signboards
  • Gates or fences, in some cases

So, if you are going to dumpster dive at Ace Hardware and are not aware of the laws at Ace Hardware, be careful about the things listed above.

Is dumpster diving illegal at Ace Hardware?

No, according to the state laws it is legal. However, the local laws or store policies may make it illegal to dive here.

If you find the answer to “Is Ace Hardware dumpster diving illegal” to be yes, then you must refrain from it at all costs.

Some ways of safely dumpster diving include asking for permission from some official at the location.

However, even if they allow and then ask to leave, you must leave immediately. Not following these instructions can cause several issues, including:

  • A permanent ban from the location
  • Prison time
  • Fine, etc.

Hence, the safest way to dumpster dive at your nearest Ace Hardware is when they place their trash at the public property for the garbage truck to come and take it.

What to find inside Ace Hardware dumpsters

In general, you need to keep an eye out for things that are in good condition. It is because Ace Hardware employees usually throw out items in the trash that are not good.

When you are looking for such items, the best findings for you will include the following:

  • Power tools
  • Accessories
  • Merchandise
  • Tools
  • Wood
  • Unopen paint
  • Scrap metal
  • Wires, etc.

You may pick up anything that you want to use. Otherwise, items in good condition can be sold to others.

How much can you earn with Ace Hardware dumpster diving

Since there are a lot of different items inside the Ace Hardware stores, people often dumpster dive here due to the earning opportunities.

It provides attractive earning opportunities if you know what to look for and what to pick from available items.

When dumpster diving here, multiple factors will affect your earnings, and things start with your luck.

Your earnings will be good if you are lucky enough to find the right items to sell. Secondly, the time you invest in the dumpsters at Ace Hardware will define how many items you pick up and what you will earn from selling them.

Having a clear vision of the products you find in these dumpsters also matters. Not knowing what you have in front of you makes you inefficient.

If everything goes right, you can earn between $50 and $100 with one dumpster diving trip to Ace Hardware.

In March 2022, a YouTuber and dumpster diver Christina from the TrashtoTreasure YouTube channel found 14 footballs and 5 basketballs from the Ace Hardware dumpsters near her.

Each could be sold for $10, easily making a total profit of $190. However, she was generous enough to give them donations for kids.

So, if you also want to earn this much from dumpsters at Ace Hardware, you need to:

  • Look for high-quality products
  • Find out things with small price tags
  • Avoid products that are damaged to a certain extent
  • Look for accessories since those sell quickly.

With such a mindset, you will find amazing products with good profitability changes. Also, remember that not every day is a good dumpster diving day.

Dumpster diving at Ace Hardware

Best time for Ace Hardware dumpster diving

The time at which you visit, these dumpsters matters a lot for your earning chances. So, for the best results, you must visit Ace Hardware when the store is being opened, specifically on weekdays.

It is because employees restock their shelves before opening the store and take out all the trash as the store opens.

So, if you are quick enough and are there before other dumpsters, you can surely find yourself the best products from those dumpsters.

However, be careful about the private property and trespassing rules since the employees won’t find you pleasant inside the dumpsters.

Tips for safety dumpster diving at Ace Hardware

While dumpster diving, you will find several safety issues. So, during your visit to Ace Hardware, here are the top safety tips that you need to follow:

  • Always pay attention to the dumpster diving laws
  • Never go dumpster diving if the property prohibits you
  • Wear safety gloves, at least, to protect your hands from germs and sharp objects.
  • Always try to leave the place in a better condition than which you found it.

By following all these Ace Hardware safety tips, your dumpster diving experience will improve even. To be efficient in dumpster diving in every aspect, check out our complete dumpster diving tips.

Final words

Dumpster diving at Ace Hardware is a whole experience due to the variety of products you can find here.

To improve this experience, you must ensure you are well-prepared to hit the dumpsters. Start by checking the laws and store regulations. Next, you can move towards your plan of picking up products from the dumpsters.

Selling most of those products will give you amazing profitability opportunities.