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Dumpster diving at Verizon Wireless: Everything You Need to Know!

Dumpster diving at Verizon Wireless

Dumpster diving gets up to 10 times more attractive when you involve electronics in it. It improves in almost every aspect, from your experience to your earnings.

So, if you want to benefit from such a dumpster diving experience, you must try Verizon Wireless.

This article covers everything you need about dumpster diving at Verizon Wireless, including benefits, demerits, earnings, rules, tips, etc.

Dumpster diving at Verizon Wireless

Verizon is a telecommunication company with cellular service, television subscription, and broadband internet being their major products. Under these product categories, they have many items and accessories sold at the stores. Verizon Wireless is the biggest telecommunications company in the number of subscribers in the USA and the world.

With over 100 million customers only in the USA, the waste they generate is also huge. The good part about that waste is that some are still usable. It is even better that these are the items that you can use yourself or sell to make huge profits. So, with dumpster diving here, you can easily find many items that can be sold for profit.

However, you need to be very careful about the private property rules, especially since they have cameras monitoring the property. So, if you take all the correct measures, you can find some great items that will bring good profitability.

While it all seems easy, many Verizon Wireless stores have strict rules prohibiting dumpster diving. So, making any mistakes can ruin your experience here.

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Dumpster diving at Verizon Wireless

Pros and Cons of Verizon Wireless

Here are the pros and cons of Verizon Wireless dumpster diving.

A.      Pros

Here are the top 3 pros of Verizon Wireless dumpster diving.

1.      Free items

Nobody will charge you anything for the items you find inside the dumpsters. The stores only throw items in dumpsters that are equivalent to trash for them. So, you can find many free items.

2.      Huge collection

You never know what you will find inside a dumpster. Stores can throw products from any category in the dumpster. So, there will be a huge collection of products to select from.

3.      Eco-friendly

It is an eco-friendly move since most of that trash will end up as e-waste. You can find and sell/use things that will help the environment since you will reduce waste from landfills.

B.      Cons

Here are the top 3 cons of Verizon Wireless dumpster diving.

1.      Injury risk

There is a chance of getting injured. You don’t know if you scratch your hand against something pointy or hit something heavy on yourself. So, you must be very careful.

2.      Legally prohibited

Sometimes it is legally prohibited. Similarly, the location/store sometimes will not allow you to dumpster dive there. Such things can be very problematic.

3.      Unsanitary dumpsters

You will find insects, rodents, and other animals near or inside the dumpsters. These dumpsters are home to germs. So, your cleanliness and protection are essential.

How does Verizon Wireless handle its waste?

Handling the waste at Verizon Wireless is very simple. They keep collecting trash in the trash bins present inside the store and close the store at night. When the employees come the next day, they take out that trash and throw it into the dumpsters. Most items that end up in the dumpsters are the ones that don’t sell for a long time, broken products, or bad packaging.

Some customers leave their old devices or accessories at these stores, and the employees throw them in the trash. Hence, you can say that they will have a lot of stuff from various categories inside their dumpsters.

Dumpster diving at Verizon Wireless

Dumpster diving laws at Verizon Wireless

Always remember that Verizon Wireless stores are mostly located on private property. In that case, these stores often mention “no dumpster diving” with signs around their property. Some other dumpster diving laws at Verizon Wireless stores include all the private property laws disobeying, which can cause you the following problems:

  • Trespassing charges
  • Prison time and fines
  • A temporary or permanent ban from the location

So, you must check every location for its rules.

Is dumpster diving illegal at Verizon Wireless?

There are two ways the answer to “Is dumpster diving illegal at Verizon Wireless” will be a no:

  1. The state or local laws prohibit dumpster diving
  2. The Verizon Wireless store states it is a prohibited activity at their property

So, if any of these is true about the Verizon Wireless store you will visit, then yes, it will be illegal. Otherwise, it will not be illegal. Even if it is legal, you must respectably obey the private property rules and dumpster dive. If it is illegal by the store, but the local laws allow it, then you can wait for them to move their dumpster to public property.

When that happens, they will lose ownership of that trash, and since it becomes public property, you can take whatever you want from there.

What can you find while Verizon Wireless dumpster diving?

You can find multiple items related to technology in these dumpsters. The most found items include:

  • Cellphones and their accessories
  • Gadgets and their accessories
  • Laptops and their accessories
  • Other used electronics and parts

What you pick from the dumpster depends on your needs. So, always plan what you will look for before you pick something from the dumpsters. If you aim at picking items to sell, go for ones with small price tags, bigger profit margin options, and high demand. That will be your best way of making profits.

How much can you earn from Verizon Wireless dumpster diving?

It is tricky since you cannot have a specific earning figure from Verizon Wireless dumpster diving. It is because several factors will be affecting your earning, and below are all the details that you must know:

  • Personal usage or selling: The reason for dumpster diving will significantly affect what you earn from it. If you are looking for things, you will personally use them if you won’t earn a lot. Otherwise, you will earn a lot if you only find things with great resale value and high demand.
  • Time of the year: The time of the year can greatly impact what you find and how much you can earn from it. During the holiday season or when a new product is launched, many people are buying products from Verizon Wireless. It means there would be a lot of waste, including accessories from new products and people leaving their old phones at Verizon Wireless, which ends up in the trash.
  • Time and effort you put in: The time and effort you put into earning from dumpster diving. You will find most stuff if you visit the stores at the right time. Similarly, giving more stores more time increases your chances of finding valuable stuff inside the dumpsters.
  • Luck and knowledge: The last thing that can impact your earnings is your luck in finding the right stuff and knowledge about everything that goes through your hands in the dumpsters. It is because people often pick invaluable items and leave the products that could sell for the highest.

In a lucky month where all these factors go in your favor, you can earn thousands, just like Bob Hawkins. He went through a Verizon dumpster and found a box of iPhones. Selling those 4 new iPhones in May 2018 helped him earn $1200 from Craigslist. So, you can also earn around $500 per month this way.

Dumpster diving at Verizon Wireless

Is Verizon Wireless dumpster diving good enough to replace your regular job?

As a beginner, replacing your basic job will not be good enough since the earnings won’t be the same. However, as you keep learning to be a more efficient dumpster diver, you can add more locations to your list and grow your knowledge about the places you must visit.

It will also require you to put more time into dumpster diving, and then you can switch to full-time dumpster diving.

Till then, you must focus on making as much profit as possible. You can easily do that by keeping a mindset of picking those items that sell once you find something with high demand.

You must create your listing on all online marketplaces. Don’t hesitate to put your findings on a garage sale since sometimes those give you better profits.

What happens with the products returned at Verizon Wireless?

Verizon Wireless stores are a little strict when it comes to returning products. They make sure to get the original device, packing, receipt, etc., including that the product must be in like-new condition.

However, sometimes those don’t sell since they are not good enough for the customers. That’s when those products end up in the dumpsters at Verizon Wireless.

While you can’t be sure whether such products are in working condition, you can surely pick them up for free.

Best time to dumpster dive at Verizon Wireless

The best time to visit Verizon Wireless as a dumpster diver is before the store opens. During this time or as soon as the store opens, the employees will empty the trashcans into the dumpsters. It is the time when they move the valuable trash into dumpsters.

So, keep track of the opening time of your nearest Verizon Wireless stores for the best experience. That is the only way to earn a handsome amount while dumpster diving here since otherwise, other dumpster divers will take the most valuable items.

Tips for safety dumpster diving at Verizon Wireless

While you know everything about Verizon Wireless dumpster diving, here are some safety tips that will help you:

  • Always stay up to date with state and local laws.
  • Keep track of every Verizon Wireless store you visit to know if they allow dumpster diving.
  • Wearing personal protection gloves, goggles, masks, etc., will always help.
  • Immediately leave if an official at the property asks you to.

Follow all these, and if you want to learn tips and tricks for a complete dumpster diving experience, check out a complete guide on Dumpster Diving Tips that you never knew before

Final words

Dumpster diving at Verizon Wireless will be more exciting than you can think of. It is because the range of items you can find here is massive. The best part is that you can pick those to use or sell depending on what you want to do.

However, following safety tips, laws, and private property rules is essential for a safe and profitable experience.