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Dumpster Diving at Aldi: Everything You Need to Know!

Dumpster Diving at Aldi

Aldi is where you can find all sorts of stuff from one location. So, when it comes to dumpster diving, there are good opportunities of finding all types of stuff here.

However, going straight into their dumpsters will not be the right choice as you must follow some strategy for better efficiency. Additionally, following Aldi’s state, local, and private rules is essential for a safer experience.

Dumpster Diving at Aldi

Aldi is a common discounted-price supermarket chain with over 10000 stores across the globe. It is a good place to start if you want household products, gadgets, electronics, and toys. Apart from these products, the Aldi stores also have a wide range of pet products and other items you can consume yourself.

Thus, whether you are dumpster diving to earn more or get products to use yourself, Aldi is the place where you can find it all. The best part about Dumpster diving at Aldi is that it offers good returns and refunds policy to enhance the customer experience.

Customers get products with guarantees, and even if they do not like those products, they can return them even with broken packaging.

Such items are thrown in the dumpsters from where you can pick them up and sell them online to make little profits. Remember that the dumpster diving experience at Aldi might differ depending on the store location. It will be much easier at the standalone stores, but things will be a little complex for you when the Aldi store is in a mall.

Dumpster Diving Laws at Aldi

Aldi stores usually follow the public dumpster diving laws in the states and localities. However, things change a lot when it comes to their private premises. In the private areas, dumpster divers are not entertained, and Aldi stores try their best to keep them out by:

  • Installing gates
  • Using fences
  • Putting up the No Trespassing signs.

Finding any of these means that you are not allowed there and if you go inside, you can be legally charged with trespassing, theft, damage to property, illegal dumping, disturbances, etc. These charges include fines, prison time, and temporary/permanent bans from the location.

The safest way to stay compliant with dumpster diving laws at Aldi is to ask for the manager’s or owner’s permission and then go on their private property to dumpster dive.

Dumpster Diving at Aldi

Is dumpster diving illegal at Aldi?

Is dumpster diving illegal at Aldi? It is not illegal according to the state laws, but you must follow the local laws. Also, remember that you may not be entertained as a dumpster diver at the Aldi stores when their dumpsters are on their private premises. Thus, going inside can be considered trespassing.

However, things get extremely easy when you understand how dumpster diving works at Aldi stores. Going at a time when there are no employees to disturb you will be better. It is also when they get their trash out of the private dumpsters or move them to public places for the garbage truck to collect the trash.

In that case, the store withdraws its ownership rights on that trash, giving you the best opportunity to dive into it and collect anything you want. Remember that some locations call dumpster diving illegal, regardless of whether you are on public or private property. If you are in such a locality, it is better to refrain from diving into any dumpster.

All you need to know about Dumpster diving

What can you earn through dumpster diving at Aldi?

If earning is your main purpose from dumpster diving, you can make Aldi a good addition to the list of places on your dumpster diving route. It is because these dumpsters can provide you with all types of products.

However, the consumable items you find will sometimes not be in good shape. With an average of $150 per week or $600 per month from dumpster diving at Aldi, it is not a good amount to earn, considering you are dumpster diving full-time. So, the better option is to consider Aldi dumpsters as an addition to your overall dumpster diving journey.

In this way, you will start like normal going through all the dumpsters in your route and will also visit Aldi stores on the way. Thus, the earnings can increase from a few hundred to a few thousand depending on the following factors:

  • Time of visiting the dumpsters
  • Type of stuff you focus on
  • Finding stuff for personal usage or selling, etc.

However, it is safe to say that the food items you find at Aldi dumpsters may not help you earn that much, but these can surely help you save a bit on your food and grocery expenses.

Dumpster Diving at Aldi

Best time to dumpster diving at Aldi

The employees at Aldi stores are instructed to throw away their trash shortly after closing or before the store opens. These stores are open from 8 am to 9 pm, so you can visit before 8 or after 9 to find the best dumpster diving opportunities.

During these times, you will find the best stuff, and above all, there will be fewer fellow dumpster divers allowing you more freedom to dive through any dumpster you want.

Remember that going during the weekends will be a better option due to the higher rates of return products you may find inside the dumpsters.

Does Aldi lock their dumpsters?

There is no concrete answer to that because sometimes you may find locked dumpsters meaning that you are not welcomed there. At the same time, some dumpsters are not locked, and sometimes you may find stuff in the public dumpsters near Aldi stores as well.

Make every day the perfect day for dumpster diving

As you are dumpster diving, you are not only earning treasure from others’ trash, but you are also doing a huge benefit for the planet.

So, wear this “It’s a Great Day For Dumpster Diving” shirt whenever you go for it.

You can find this shirt in different colors and styles to match your aesthetic, and wearing this shirt will be a great way to promote the good word about dumpster diving and its benefits for the planet.

Stuff you will find at Aldi during dumpster diving

Aldi has a wide range of products in their dumpsters, making it dependent on you what you find from their dumpsters. For instance, if you are focused on household products and electronics, you can find products from that category.

Similarly, if you are focused on consumables for personal usage, you can find those too. The dumpsters here also contain merchandise that can offer you high resale value. Lastly, you may find the following items here as well:

  • Bread and bakery items
  • Pet products
  • Gadgets, their accessories, and their parts
  • Chocolates, etc.

When do Aldi employees throw away their trash?

Some items that you will find to be the most unusual in Aldi’s dumpsters are groceries. The employees here are instructed to throw stuff away if any of the following conditions are met:

  • The customer returns the item, and it, or its packing, is not good enough to go back to the shelf
  • Stuff on the shelves is not selling and blocking space for new products
  • Items near expiration dates are thrown away

So, you can find all conditions, including new, expired, nearly expired, slightly used, and new without immaculate packing.

Tips for Dumpster Diving in Aldi

Although the range of products you find here is huge, you can still make many mistakes that will make you inefficient. So, here are some tips for dumpster diving in Aldi to give you the best earning opportunities:

  • Whenever you pick something from Aldi’s dumpsters, make sure you are aware of its value and usage. Picking up things with bad selling value will waste your resources.
  • There will be items that are unsafe for use, such as consumables with broken packaging or those near the expiry date. So, you must stay away from all of these items.
  • While you go to Aldi for dumpster diving, you must have all the tools you need including sharp tools for opening boxes and packs.
  • Focus on items with a huge audience even if the price tag and profit are small. Selling one product for $50 might be more difficult than selling 20 similar products for $5 each. So, collect your trash strategically.
  • If you find yourself unwanted, stay away; otherwise, you may face legal charges against you.

Lastly, you must go with a partner as it will increase efficiency and save your resources.

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Final Words

Dumpster diving at Aldi can be a unique and surprising experience, as you never know what you may find. Regardless of its attractiveness, you must always stay compliant with the dumpster diving laws at Aldi.

Not following these laws will bring you more trouble, and in the worst case, you may be fined by the court, get prison time, and have a permanent ban from that store.