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Dumpster diving at Target: Everything You Need to Know!

Dumpster Diving at Target

You must select a retail store if you want to go through the best range of products to sell through dumpster diving. Because these stores have everything you need, you can enjoy a great experience.

However, when selecting the retail store, you must be careful about the rules and regulations there for your safety. Dumpster Diving at Target can be a great pick if you are focused enough. You may earn a handsome amount from dumpster diving here with all the steps taken correctly.

Dumpster Diving at Target

Target is among the biggest retailers in the USA. With over 1932 stores in the USA, it is the 8th largest on the list. It is so famous because you can find almost everything here, from tools to food, general merchandise, and stuff for household usage.

To offer its customers a better purchasing experience, Target focuses on assorting its products according to the demands of local guests and the neighborhood.

Another reason Target is successful is because it enhances customer satisfaction with the 90-day product returning policy that applies to selected products but covers most items. While it improves customer experience, things also get better for dumpster divers. With a long list of items present here, you never know what you may find inside the dumpsters.

You can usually find items in immaculate condition, with everything working and intact packing. Sometimes the packing is broken or damaged, which may decrease the resale value. While you focus on dumpster diving at Target, note that these stores operate as standalone stores and some inside malls and complexes.

So, the experience of finding their dumpsters will be different, with things being much easier with the standalone stores having their dumpsters at the back.

Dumpster Diving Laws at Target

As Target does not allow dumpster diving on its premises, there are some dumpster diving laws at Target that you must follow. Most of these follow local, city, and state laws, but some are also related to private property rules.

For example, using gates, “no trespasser” signs, and fences is their way to keep trespassers out of their property. So, if you find any of these things at the Target stores, it would be better to either ask for officials’ permission or wait until the trash is moved to the public area.

Dumpster Diving at Target

Is dumpster diving illegal at Target?

Dumpster diving is allowed in all states, but some local city laws prohibit collecting usable items from the trash. Is dumpster diving illegal at Target? Well, Target stores do not allow dumpster diving on their private property. With most Target stores operating on private property, you need to be very careful about the dumpster diving laws at Target.

As long as they keep their trash on their private property, you have no right to access and take it unless you have official permission. Moreover, if you are found there without official permission, the employees may call the cops and get criminal charges held against you.

So, if the officials working there ask you to leave, you must comply with their commands immediately to avoid any trouble.

Remember that as soon as they move their trash out to the public area, they will have withdrawn all ownership rights to that trash, making it accessible for everyone. Going through that trash will cause no issues.

All you need to know about Dumpster diving

What can you earn monthly from dumpster diving at target?

Many people focus on dumpster diving because of its earning opportunities. Staying specific about dumpster diving at Target, the earning opportunities depend on your knowledge about different products and, more importantly, your luck.

Additionally, how much you earn depends on your expertise and the time you put into it.

For instance, if you work full-time as a Target dumpster diver, you may earn around $250 to $300 a week, making around $1200 a month from target alone.

However, the most important thing to consider here is that this earning is not stable because one day you may find something valuable while other days you may not find anything. So, your earnings through dumpster diving at target hugely rely on luck.

Remember that dumpster diving at Target will not be good enough to replace your full-time job, so keeping it part-time is better. Additionally, if you are already working as a full-time dumpster diver, the better solution is to make Target dumpsters a part of your dumpster diving route.

This way, you will go through multiple dumpsters, increasing your chances of earning more.

Even then, it is better to keep it a side hustle that you don’t necessarily need to work on because you already have a stream of consistent income.

Dumpster Diving at Target

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Bringing a dumpster diver is not only about finding usable items from trash and making money from it. A huge part is a pride in doing a good thing and spreading the word about it.

So, when you are a dumpster diver, there will be no better way to express your feelings than wearing the “Live is Better with Dumpster Diving“.

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Best time to dumpster dive at Target

With Target stores staying open from 8:00 to 22:00, it would be better to visit either before or after the store closes. During these times, you will not find many fellow divers.

The best part is that there will be no employees there as well, and dumpsters being freshly filled, there will be lots of good items to pick that you can pick, sell, and profit from.

If you plan to dumpster dive at the nearest Target store, make sure you don’t skip on the weekends because the returns are highest on the weekends resulting in more stuff for you to pick up.

Things to focus on when dumpster diving inside a Target store

You can divide these things into 2 main categories. The first one will include products that you are finding to upsell to other people. These include outdoor products, electronics, furniture, pet products, outdoor gear, gadgets, and toys. Going for these is a better option because of the high demand and better resale value.

However, if you want to focus on things for personal use, it depends on what you want the most. When picking up consumable items, be careful about them being intact and check their expiration date; otherwise, picking them will not be of any value to you.

What do employees do to the items that do not sell at Target?

While you find many products in dumpsters, you may wonder why employees at Target throw away items while they are in perfect condition. Well, the answer is that those things are of no value to the store because of different circumstances.

Most commonly, things that are nearly expired are thrown out of the store to restock with fresh items.

Secondly, if something is on the shelves for a long time but is not selling, it will be thrown away for something better to take its place. Lastly, employees are instructed to discard the returned products that have broken packing and are not good enough to go back on the shelves.

Tips for dumpster diving in Target

Dumpster Diving at Target is a unique experience where you can miss out on so much because of being unaware. So, improve your productivity by following these rules.

  • Don’t touch anything that seems broken, for instance, glass bottles and delicate products.
  • No matter how clean something is, you must disinfect and clean it as you get it home.
  • Wear protective and reflective clothes with complete coverage to protect yourself from scratches and cuts. Reflective clothes will keep the traffic aware of your presence at night.
  • Pick products you know about, and don’t waste your time on those you don’t know about. It is better to bring a smartphone along to search for the value of things you find that you don’t know yourself.
  • You must be well equipped with all the essential tools, including scissors, a box cutter, a flashlight, etc.
  • Keep company with you. Having a partner for dumpster diving keeps you productive and improves your safety at all times.
  • If you are focusing on Target, include as many dumpsters in your route as possible.

With these tips, you can enjoy a better dumpster diving experience at the nearby Target stores.

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Final Words

Staying cautious while dumpster diving at target will be your best choice. You can be safe this way from disobeying any local or state laws. More importantly, there will be stuff in the dumpsters that can harm you.

So, staying cautious will help keep you safe from that. Remember that you must comply with what their local management says, as you might welcome trouble otherwise.