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Dumpster diving at Amazon warehouse: Everything You Need to Know!

Dumpster diving at Amazon Warehouse

Amazon Warehouses include in one of the most amazing places to go dumpster diving. It is because you can find various unique, interesting, and highly demanded products.

Those products can benefit your usage, or you may sell them to make a profit. Either way, it is pretty interesting to go dumpster diving in Amazon Warehouse.

However, you may also find items that must not be picked up, so it is essential to consider every aspect before you begin.

Dumpster diving at Amazon Warehouse

Amazon sells products online, but there are offline warehouses at multiple locations. These warehouses hold stock of items listed on Amazon and then ship them to the buyer whenever an order is placed. So, these warehouses are also managed by Amazon. Dumpster diving in the Amazon warehouse is similar to dumpster diving in some retail stores like Target or Walmart.

The only difference is that Amazon warehouses do not operate as offline stores. Still, dumpster divers can find multiple items in the dumpsters. It means that there would be several opportunities to find free stuff at dumpsters near Amazon dumpsters. The best part is that anything could be in those dumpsters, including gadgets, toys, electronics, etc.

So, when you dumpster dive in the Amazon warehouses, you can find items for personal usage and selling to make a profit. Remember that the items you find here are usually those sold on Amazon, which typically includes discounted products with huge discounts of up to 80%. It will be beneficial if you pick items that are in high demand and have small price tags.

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Dumpster diving at Amazon Warehouse

Dumpster diving at Amazon Warehouse: Pros and Cons

If you plan to start diving inside the dumpsters at the Amazon warehouse, you will find multiple reasons to do so. However, there will be some negatives about it as well. Below are all the details you must know about.


The pros of going through dumpsters here include:

·         A huge variety of items is available

Amazon stores have almost everything that you can think of. Most of those items are stored in these warehouses, so you can find many items.

·         Pick up everything you find for free.

You don’t need to pay for anything when going through these dumpsters. So, you can pick up and use it or sell it to make a profit.

·         An eco-friendly move

Picking up useful things from the trash can reduce the amount of waste in landfills.


The cons of going through dumpsters here include:

·         Legal issues against dumpster diving

Although it may not be common, some locations don’t allow dumpster diving. So, always be alert about the local laws and regulations.

·         Chances of injury

There are chances of sharp objects being present in these warehouses. Not be careful enough, and you may end up hurting yourself.

·         An unsanitary environment with germs

Dumpsters are not the best place to put products. So, even if you find items here, be careful about what you use and don’t. Similarly, it is a good practice to disinfect anything before bringing it inside to stay safe.

How does Amazon Warehouse handle its waste?

As the warehouses do not sell the products offline, there is no concept of restocking the shelves. However, sometimes unsold items are not good to stay in the warehouse anymore. It may include any old merchandise or consumable items.

So, Amazon warehouse employees throw those items into the dumpsters. While these are not on Amazon, you can try selling them on other online marketplaces. Some of those items can even be sold on offline garage sales. The best part is that you can find something for personal use: indirect savings.

How does Amazon Warehouse handle its returns?

Amazon is known for its product return policy, making online shopping very attractive for customers. So, whenever someone returns their products to Amazon, they are inspected. If the product is good, it will be restocked in the warehouse.

However, if the returned item is not immaculate, it will either be returned to the supplier or donated to charity. If the inspection is done and the product does not fit the above options, it is thrown into the dumpsters.

Dumpster diving at Amazon Warehouse

Dumpster diving laws at Amazon Warehouse

Amazon is pretty strict about the laws. Even when the laws allow dumpster divers, Amazon doesn’t want anyone to dive in dumpsters present on their private property. Amazon warehouses, present on their private property, and they also implement rules like:

  • Installing gates and fences
  • Installing no trespasser signs

So, if the dumpsters are present on their private property, it gets really hard for you to dumpster dive there. The solution is to ask some officials working at the warehouse if you can dive into the dumpsters. While the laws don’t allow you, taking permission this way will make a one-time exception. However, you will do that if they ask you to leave at any time.

Otherwise, you will be welcoming criminal charges against yourself. Apart from these, no laws allow dumpster divers under any circumstances. So, you must refrain from it at all costs if the dumpsters are on private property.

Is dumpster diving illegal at Amazon Warehouse?

If you look at the state or local laws, dumpster diving will not be illegal in most places. However, no laws allow you to enter private properties for dumpster diving. Amazon warehouses being private properties, it is technically illegal to dumpster-dive there.

So, if you ever get caught doing that, you may face a huge trouble.

For instance, if a cop catches you, you may get fined or get some prison time. Even worse, you may get both along with a lifetime ban from that location, making things difficult for you. So, the only way to avoid all these problems is to abide by the laws and never enter private property without asking.

The safe way to get stuff present in those dumpsters is when they are moved outside.

What products can be found in Amazon Warehouse?

One of the most common questions about dumpster diving in warehouses of Amazon is about the items you may find. The good thing about these warehouses is that you can find almost everything, including:

  • Furniture
  • Electronics
  • Gadgets
  • Tech accessories
  • Cosmetics
  • Clothes and merchandise
  • Kitchen items
  • Automobile accessories, etc.

Although you cannot say when and where to find one of these, Amazon warehouses usually get stocked with such items, so the chances of finding them are always high here.

How to look for items during Amazon Warehouse dumpster diving?

When dumpster diving in these warehouses, you need to be very efficient and picking up things according to a plan is good. You don’t need to pick up everything you find in good condition. So, have a mindset about what you are dumpster diving for.

If you want items for personal use, you will be clear on what to pick. Alternatively, if you want profitable products, see items that have the following qualities:

  • No damage. Good packaging can be optional.
  • Consumable items still within the expiration date

With these qualities, you must go for things in high demand. Similarly, picking up things with smaller price tags will be efficient as those sell out quickly. If you go for something that may bring huge profit, selling that may not seem easy.

How much can you earn a month by dumpster diving inside a Amazon Warehouse?

Amazon warehouse dumpsters can bring great earning opportunities. However, it will be an unstable source of earnings considering the dumpster diving laws at Amazon warehouse. That said, you can earn in hundreds from these warehouses if you take it as your part-time earning source.

However, as a full-time dumpster diver taking multiple daily trips and having a complete route of places, then you can earn more.

Your earning depends on certain factors, including how frequently you visit and find valuable items. Remember that you may not find good items every day. Somedays can be good, while most days will be bad with less valuable items found in the trash.

So, if you plan to switch to dumpster diving, visiting the Amazon warehouses only will not be wise. With only in hundreds monthly from these warehouses, you may find it hard to meet both ends.

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Best time to dumpster dive inside the Amazon Warehouse

The time at which you can be most efficient in the Amazon warehouse dumpsters is at night. The reasons for going there at night are:

  • There will be the least number of employees or fellow dumpster divers. So there will be less disturbance.
  • Warehouse employees mostly throw out their trash at night, so you will have a higher chance of finding valuable items.
  • The dumpster truck may not have taken the trash leaving more things in there for you.

Tips for safety dumpster diving at Amazon Warehouse

Your safety matters the most when you are dumpster diving. So, while at the Amazon warehouses, the following safety tips will greatly help you.

  1. Always check the local, state, and, most importantly, Amazon’s laws before entering their property for dumpster diving.
  2. Going equipped with all safety equipment, including head protection, eye protection, gloves, mask, etc., will be very helpful.
  3. You must only dive into dumpsters if they are present in public spaces.
  4. Always keep a disinfectant sanitizer with you, and when you are done with the dumpsters, disinfect yourself.
  5. Whatever you bring home, disinfect it before getting in.
  6. Keep separate clothes for dumpster diving, as there will be many germs.
  7. Be very careful about the expiration date of all consumable products, as they may become useless and hazardous.

These tips keep you safe and increase your efficiency as a dumpster diver.

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Dumpster diving at Amazon Warehouse

Final Words

Dumpster diving at an Amazon warehouse may not bring the same experience at doing the same at offline stores. However, it brings multiple opportunities to find useful items. You can pick them up for personal use or sell them online.

One thing that matters the most is abiding by the law, which keeps you safe from all legal issues.