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Dumpster Diving at CVS Health Corporation: Everything You Need to Know!

Dumpster Diving at CVS

Dumpster diving has different meanings for everyone. For some people, it means taking things from dumpsters for personal usage, while for some, it is an intuitive way of finding value from others’ trash.

When it comes to dumpster diving at CVS, it is a mixed experience for everyone. All you need to do is set the right strategies and abide by the rules to improve your next dumpster diving trip.

Dumpster Diving at CVS Health Corporation

CVS is a chain of convenience stores and pharmacies in the United States. It has more than 9000 physical locations, and one of the many reasons for its popularity is that it sells a wide array of products, including prescription drugs. These stores run as individual stores or are set up in shopping malls, so the two have different dumpster diving experiences.

If you find your nearest CVS store to be individually run, you will find dumpster diving easier than those in a mall. No matter which one you go for, you must know and follow the rules because you don’t want to get a ban from such an amazing place where you can find all sorts of consumable and sellable items.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Dumpster diving at CVS

Everything has certain benefits and demerits. When it comes to CVS dumpster diving, there are certain ones that you must be careful about.


The top strengths of CVS dumpster diving include the following:

·         Find valuable items for free

The best strength of dumpster diving here is that you can find everything you want for free. CVS stores sell lots of categories of products and you can find almost everything in the dumpsters here.

·         Lots of categories to look for

CVS stores are not all about medicines. You can find multiple things from grocery, personal care, beautification, and other categories here. So, it offers a complete dumpster diving experience.

·         Reduce pollution by waste

You are not only benefitting yourself by saving or profiting from the trash. This act of yours is also benefiting the planet as less waste goes to landfills.


The following are the most important weaknesses of CVS dumpster diving you must be careful about.

·         High injury risk

You never know when something sharp or pointy hits you in the dumpsters. So, a high risk of injuries can often be critical.

·         Legal problems

Due to private property laws and local rules, there could be several legal problems that you don’t want your way. So, sometimes you have to skip such a great dumpster diving opportunity.

·         Unclean conditions

Dumpsters are filled with trash, including spoiled food and whatnot. So, this experience includes unsanitary conditions that may cause illness.

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Dumpster Diving at CVS

How does CVS handle its waste?

The waste at CVS comes in different ways. The first type includes the items that have surpassed the expiration date. Those are not good for usage, so the employees add them to the trash.

Secondly, some returns are not in a condition good enough to be added to shelves back. Lastly, some items are not selling and only collecting dust on the shelves.

All of these are moved to the trash, and employees at CVS are instructed to move them to the dumpsters. However, it makes things a little complex for dumpster divers as all the good and bad items are usually mixed in the trash.

Dumpster diving laws at CVS Health Corporation

When considering the dumpster diving laws at CVS, it is important to consider that they are very strict about private property rights. Officials at CVS do not accept any trespassers on their property for any reason. Moreover, most of these stores are private, making it even more important to follow the rules.

Considering the rules, all the local and state laws apply to CVS properties. So, to stay safe while your dumpster dives, looking for gates or trespassing prohibition signs is essential. Even if you don’t find any of these, you must respect the private property rules regarding CVS stores.

Remember that local laws may keep changing, and the best way to stay safe is by regularly checking your local laws as you don’t want any uninformed trouble. If you are caught dumpster diving illegally at these locations, you may face severe consequences.

Is dumpster diving illegal at CVS Health Corporation?

Technically, it is not illegal, but when you consider the private property rules, it becomes illegal to dumpster dive here. When asking, “is dumpster diving illegal at CVS” you must consider its location because most stores are on private property, and so are their dumpsters.

However, some stores are also inside malls, and they might use the public dumpster for that shipping mall.

In that case, it becomes legal because whenever they move their trash to public dumpsters, they withdraw the rights of ownership of that trash. Similarly, you could wait for them to move their trash from private dumpsters to public dumpsters, as it makes dumpster diving legal for you.

Otherwise, you may ask for an official’s permission to dumpster dive, but you are also recommended to leave if asked to immediately.

What products to look for in CVS dumpsters?

Although it is mainly known for prescription drug selling, many other over-the-counter products are available at these stores. The best ones to look for in their dumpsters include:

  • Cosmetics
  • Beauty products
  • Food and kitchen items
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Groceries
  • Household items
  • Personal care items
  • Coupons, gift cards, and sales fryers
  • Snacks, etc.

However, the most important thing to be careful about is checking if the items in dumpsters are still safe to use.

What happens to the returned products at CVS?

CVS offers a fair returns and refunds policy for customers to return certain items. So, they check the product’s condition and packaging whenever something is returned. They will place that product back on the shelf if everything is immaculate. Otherwise, those products end up in dumpsters.

Dumpster Diving at CVS

How much monthly can be earned with CVS dumpster diving?

If you plan to earn good with dumpster diving, then CVS is one of the locations you want to target. You can find many items selling for up to $375 a week. That is when you take CVS dumpster diving as your part-time work.

However, if you put in more hours and collect more items, you can earn even more. So, on average, you can go up to $1500 monthly from CVS alone on a good month. The more important thing to consider here is that this earning may not be stable because you may not find things that sell well. On those days, you could be looking out for items that you can personally use.

That will bring savings and offer you good value from dumpster diving here. It would be even better to have multiple CVS locations around you and visit them together because the number of things you can find will significantly increase this way.

Can CVS dumpster diving replace your regular job?

To replace your regular job with dumpster diving, you must put at least 8 hours into it daily. Going for that long at CVS only won’t be that profitable. However, if you plan your dumpster diving routes and add multiple locations to the route, you can earn even more with that. In that case, you could replace your regular job with dumpster diving.

Best time to dumpster dive at CVS Health Corporation

There are 2 times during the day when you can make the most out of dumpster diving here. The first one is early morning when the employees are restocking the shelves, and they move a lot of trash into the dumpsters.

Secondly, you can go late at night after the store closes because employees empty the trash into the dumpsters after closing. During both these times you can find lots of valuable items.

Update your wardrobe with the best clothes to wear while dumpster diving

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The shirt is designed to keep you clean, safe, and stylish while enjoying comfort. On top of that, it does not restrict you to a few options, as there are several color and design options.

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I Love Dumpster Diving

Safety tips for CVS Health Corporation dumpster diving

Monitoring your safety during CVS dumpster diving is one of the most important things. From legal issues to dumpster safety, following the tips below will keep you safe in every manner:

  • Never begin without checking the local laws. These may change often, and a slight change can cause multiple difficulties for you if you are not careful.
  • Before going into a CVS private property, it is better to ask for permission from any official. It will be the safest way to dumpster dive there.
  • Pay attention to what you are carrying with you. Don’t forget a bag and a box cutter for better safety and efficiency while carrying trash.
  • Don’t forget to wear safety accessories. Wear goggles, gloves, and a face mask is essential.
  • Be very careful about the germs you may catch from dumpsters. Thoroughly clean and disinfect yourself when you are back home.

So, checkmark all these tips whenever you are out dumpster diving at CVS or any other place.

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Final Words

CVS dumpster diving means you can make a good income by putting in only a few extra hours to work. It might be very lucrative, but the more important thing is to be careful about legal issues.

You don’t want any prison time, fine, or bans from the place only because you were unaware of the rules.