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Dumpster diving at Dollar Tree: Everything You Need to Know!

Dumpster diving at Dollar Tree

Just like many other locations in your surroundings, you may want to try your luck with dumpster diving at Dollar Tree. There is no denying the fact that Dollar Tree offers a great dumpster diving experience.

However, there is much more you need to know, including legalities and safety tips. So, if you want to start, you are at the right place since we will share everything you must know before starting Dollar Tree dumpster diving.

Dumpster diving at Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is among the famous discount store chains operating in the United States, offering various products. Everything here is priced very low, and customers can get the best prices when purchasing something at Dollar Tree in several ways. These include the price match guarantee, weekly specials, discount coupons, etc.

While shopping at Dollar Tree, you can find multiple categories of products, including food, party supplies, health, beauty, etc., all available online and offline stores. With this wide variety of products sold here, the dumpster diving experience is also attractive. For instance, you can go to the back of these stores, and you will find many items still in great condition.

Although you don’t need any special skills, knowledge, or equipment for dumpster diving here, knowing the right ways to stay safe while you are inside the dumpsters is essential. Going through these dumpsters will get you things for even cheaper than all the discounts combined. Additionally, you may sell some to make a good profit.

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Dollar Tree dumpster diving: Advantages and Disadvantages

Dollar Tree dumpster diving has all sorts of experiences with it. So, here are all the positives and negatives you must know about it.

A.      Advantages

The top 3 advantages of dumpster diving inside Dollar Tree include:

1.      Everything you find in dumpsters will be free.

The same things you buy inside the store will be free inside dumpsters. It means that you can get whatever you want. Thus, you get huge savings.

2.      Dollar Tree dumpsters have lots of items.

Dollar Tree stores sell multiple items from various categories. So, you can find a lot of them inside the dumpsters. This way, you will not have to buy everything from the store.

3.      You reduce the waste in landfills.

Dumpster diving means you are taking out things from dumpsters. Using the benefits in both ways. You don’t create more waste, and you reduce the already waste.

B.      Disadvantages

The top 3 disadvantages of dumpster diving inside Dollar Tree include the following:

1.      Dumpsters can cause injury.

You never know if a sharp, contaminated, pointy, or heavy object is in the dumpsters. So, there is always a chance of injury. Staying very alert is recommended.

2.      You have to be very careful about legal issues.

Dollar Tree may prohibit trespassing on their premises. Similarly, there could be legal issues in your locality. Such problems make dumpster diving inaccessible for you.

3.      Unsanitary conditions with germs and insects.

Dumpsters are not clean. There are tons of germs inside them, and there could also be rodents or insects. Moreover, you never know about the cleanliness of the things you pick.

Dumpster diving at Dollar Tree

How does Dollar Tree handle its waste?

The waste management policy at Dollar Tree is very simple. They take anything that is not good enough to stay on the shelves for the customers and throw it away.

Whether the item just got damaged or has not been selling for a long time, employees will free up the shelf space from such items and throw them in the trash.

Ultimately, that trash ends up inside the dumpsters. In most cases, those items are in great condition, if not in perfect condition. That is why dumpster diving here is a very attractive option since you can find items potentially untouched from the inside.

What happens to the returned products at Dollar Tree?

Whenever someone returns a product at Dollar Tree, they inspect its condition and put it back on the shelves if it is in good enough condition. Otherwise, it will be sent to the store room. The item is sold at much cheaper prices on the special floor.

They even have specialists who can repair those products for selling again. Otherwise, the employees will decide if they want to throw it away.

Dumpster diving laws at Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree’s dumpster diving laws vary depending on their store’s location. Some of their stores are located inside malls, while most are present on public property. Keep in mind that if a store is inside a mall, it may use that mall’s combined dumpster. Those dumpsters are often publicly accessible, so things get good.

On the other hand, when the store is on private property, they have full control over who comes into their property to dumpster dives. That’s where you can find the following rules and laws at Dollar Tree regarding dumpster diving:

  • Trespassing prohibition signs
  • Locks on dumpsters
  • Dumpsters protected by fence or gate, etc.

If you ever find any of these laws being implemented at Dollar Tree, your best move will be to stay away from those dumpsters. You can wait until that trash is moved to a public property where you can easily check anything inside. When they withdraw all rights of that trash’s ownership, it becomes public property.

Is dumpster diving illegal at Dollar Tree?

Is dumpster diving illegal at Dollar Tree? Technically, it is not illegal as long as no local or state laws prohibit it. However, private property laws are strictly implemented at Dollar Tree premises.

Considering these laws, you don’t get to go inside for dumpster diving as long as you don’t have permission.

It means that you can ask for permission from any official available at the premises, and if allowed, you can go through the dumpsters. However, if they ask you, leave immediately.

If you are ever caught in illegal dumping, you will be critically charged for the offense. These may include cash fines, prison time, a ban from the location, or all. So, always prefer your safety over illegal dumpster diving.

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What can you find inside dumpsters at Dollar Tree?

When going through the Dollar Tree dumpsters, it is important to look for the right items. With a clear mindset of what you want to pick from the dumpsters, you can have a much better experience whether you want savings or profitability. So, the best things to look for in these dumpsters include the following:

  • Perfumes
  • Healthcare items
  • Beauty and personal care
  • Soaps
  • Chocolates and other edibles.

These are the items that you can personally use and sell for profit.

How much can you earn with Dollar Tree dumpster diving?

For most people, the meaning of dumpster diving is a bit of extra income, and with all the right moves, this income can be more than you expect. For example, if you have a clear mindset that you will find healthcare, beauty, and perfume products, you won’t mess around with other products.

As a result, you will easily and quickly find more products you will sell for profit. When we take the example of Dollar Tree, you can easily earn around $150-$200 in one week, meaning around $800 a month if you visit the nearest Dollar Tree dumpsters daily. However, it is not a reliable and stable income source as you will not find valuable items in sellable conditions daily.

In most cases, if you have a clear mindset of what you want to pick, you can find items for selling and personal use. So, there will be benefits both ways from savings and profitability.

Can dumpster diving only at Dollar Tree replace your job?

No, going to Dollar Tree only cannot do that for you. Even visiting multiple stores will not be stable enough. So, you need to start it part-time initially, and when you gain enough experience, you may replace it with your main job. Quitting your job to start dumpster diving is not a wise decision at all.

Best time to dumpster dive at Dollar Tree

The best time for Dollar Tree dumpster diving is right before when they open the store. It is early morning, and during this time, employees are restocking the shelves meaning they will take a lot of good items off the shelves.

They also throw their trash out in the dumpsters as they restock the shelves. Dollar Tree stores are open on weekends also, so you can visit any day of the week, but busy weekends with more returns will increase your chances of finding valuable items.

Tips for safety dumpster diving at Dollar Tree

One thing that matters a lot about your Dollar Tree dumpster diving experience is your safety. Here is our list of top tips for personal safety and health:

  • Prepare yourself with the equipment before visiting these dumpsters. Eye protection, gloves, and a face mask are necessary, while head protection is optional.
  • Before going inside the dumpsters, check the local and state laws to ensure you are not doing anything illegal.
  • Remember the private property rules since you don’t want any trouble your way.
  • Never pick a consumable item with broken packaging since it may not be good for your health.
  • Whether you are selling things or using them personally, check the expiration date for better safety.
  • Maintaining personal hygiene is the first thing you do when you come back home from dumpster diving.

Follow these, and you will surely enjoy a much safer dumpster diving experience from now on.

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Dumpster diving at Dollar Tree

Final Words

Dumpster diving at Dollar Tree is better than you think regarding profitability if you have a clear mindset. However, earning is not the only thing to be careful about since you must care for your personal hygiene and legal safety.

Always stay aware of the latest rules to avoid any safety issues.