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Dumpster Diving at Macy’s: Everything You Need to Know!

Dumpster diving at Macy’s

Dumpster diving can be an experience, adventure, and a challenge, especially if you plan to go to Macy’s since its strict policies. However, if you know the right tips, things can be much better for you since you can get ahead of all other dumpster divers.

It is exactly what this article discusses, as here we will also share some safety tips to stay safe from all legal issues.

Dumpster diving at Macy’s

Macy’s has been operational in the United States since 1858, and it is amongst the largest chains of departmental stores here. Currently, it is operational in 45 states with over 850 offline stores. Additionally, it provides an online e-commerce selling service for a wide range of products.

More importantly, it provides competitive pricing for the products, which makes it a more attractive buying option for customers. The return policy here improves things since customers get a much better shipping experience. With all these good things, you may think that dumpster diving here will be as fun as shopping is.

However, it is more of a challenge and adventure to dumpster dive at Macy’s since there are strict rules. There is no doubt in saying that you can find things of amazing value in dumpsters, but at the same time, it can be dangerous if you do not follow the rules. Also, remember that most of Macy’s stores are on private properties while only a few are in malls.

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Pros and Cons: Macy’s dumpster diving

Dumpster diving here sounds complex, considering all the limitations and strictness you must endure. However, with all these challenges, you also get lots of benefits.

A.      Pros

The pros of dumpster diving at Macy’s include:

1.      Free stuff

While stuff at Macy’s is already very cheap with discounts and amazing deals. Things get even better as you can find items for free. Selling those free items means huge profitability.

2.      Wide variety

Macy’s is a chain of departmental stores. It means there will be many product categories, and items from almost every category will be in the dumpsters. So, you can find multiple items from there.

3.      Eco-friendly

Dumpster diving is the act of removing useful things from waste. At Macy’s dumpsters, you can find lots of things that you and others can use. So, taking what does not belong to the waste can reduce the overall waste on the planet.

B.      Cons

The cons of dumpster diving at Macy’s include:

1.      Injury chances

There could be heavy things inside the dumpster that fall on you. Similarly, there can be sharp objects that can poke or cut your skin. So, there are chances of getting injured.

2.      Legal issues

Legal issues like local laws make dumpster diving very difficult. Macy’s itself has strict rules about dumpster diving. So, illegal dumping here can be very dangerous.

3.      Unsanitary situation

A dumpster is always a dumpster, and at the end of the day, there could be many germs and issues related to them. The products are dirty. Similarly, you can get illness due to those germs.

Dumpster diving at Macy’s

How does Macy’s handle their waste?

Anything that has to go to waste stays in the store’s internal bins for the day. Employees and cleaners will clean everything and throw away the waste in external dumpsters. It includes items that are not functional, have broken packaging, takes up space in the store, and are not selling. All such things go to waste at Macy’s.

It is no surprise that they return things to the vendors. Dumpster diving here still stays more attractive as there are chances of finding lots of good stuff in the dumpsters from different categories, mostly clothes, shoes, and consumable items.

How does Macy’s handle their returns?

Macy’s gets many returns, and they have an interesting policy of returning most items to the vendors. Items only get back to the vendors if they are in perfect packing and great condition.

Otherwise, they end up in the dumpsters since those items are not good for the shelves. It is one of the biggest reasons why you can find several items in dumpsters.

However, it would be great to thoroughly check everything before picking it since it may be damaged and hold no value.

Dumpster diving laws at Macy’s

When it comes to the laws, you first note the strict no-trespassing policy. So, you must not trespass whether you find the sign or not. Note that some Macy’s stores are located in shopping malls and complexes, while most are in private properties. The laws can differ for the stores inside the malls.

The stores in malls have common public dumpsters for all stores, usually located at the back of the mall. That you can visit without any issues. However, things are very strict in the stores located on private property. They even lock their dumpsters, so nobody comes and messes up with them on private property.

Even if you go inside to check the dumpsters, employees can ask you to leave, which you should do immediately. Otherwise, you can face severe legal charges held against you.

Is dumpster diving illegal at Macy’s?

No, it is legally legal as long as your state and locality rules allow. However, Macy’s is known for locking dumpsters and strictly prohibiting trespassers from their location. So, the chances of getting caught significantly increase since these dumpsters are not very easily accessible. If you get caught here, you can face the following charges:

  • Hefty fines
  • Prison time for months to years
  • A temporary or permanent ban from the store or location
  • Theft charges
  • Disturbance charges, etc.

So, the best you can do is ask for their permission before you visit the dumpsters. Otherwise, wait until the trash is moved to public property because it would be safest to dive into it.

What do you expect to find while Macy’s dumpster diving?

When up for Macy’s dumpster diving, you must know what you are looking for in the trash. It is because so many things can lead to distraction while diving. Here is the list of the most important things to look for in these dumpsters:

  • Clothes that are unused and have their tags on
  • Shoes that are unused and have their tags on
  • Cosmetics with packing and seals still intact
  • Bedding products
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Towels and bathroom items

All these can be found in great condition; you can even sell them for profit.

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How much can Macy’s dumpster diving help you earn?

Things get interesting regarding earning from dumpster diving since Macy’s has many items in the dumpsters. It can always be an attractive way to make money, but things are slightly different. If you are dumpster diving as a beginner and only selecting Macy’s as your target location, you need consistency and lots of information about items.

It is because what you pick decides what you earn by selling it. Some other factors affect your earnings as well, including:

  • The location
  • How many items do you carry?
  • At what time are you visiting Macy’s
  • Time of the year

Also, remember that you cannot find profitable items every other day. So, when you combine all of these factors, you can consider an average earning of around $300 to $500 in a good month. For better earnings, you must visit Macy’s during special events and days when sales are live. During those days you often find good items.

Is it possible to replace your job with Macy’s dumpster diving?

No, as a beginner, earning as much from dumpster diving will not be possible as you earn from your regular job. The source of income won’t be very stable, so quitting your job will not be a great idea. As a beginner, you must take dumpster diving as your part-time income source.

Once you have gained enough experience, set your dumpster trip so you can earn more than your job, and then you can replace the two.

Best time to dumpster dive at Macy’s

With strict rules about trespassing and locked dumpsters, you don’t want to go at any time when you can get caught. So, the best time is when the store is closed since there will not be many people there.

Additionally, when Macy’s stores close, employees take out all the trash and throw it in the dumpsters outside. So, it is when you can find the best items in dumpsters.

Tips for safety dumpster diving at Macy’s

Macy’s dumpster diving may seem tricky, but if you take all the right measures, you can be pretty safe. Here are our top tips for Macy’s dumpster diving safety:

  • Always begin your dumpster diving trip by checking the latest local rules. It will ensure that you never go for illegal dumping without knowing.
  • Personal protection matters a lot, so always carry your face mask, goggles, and, most importantly, gloves.
  • After every dumpster diving trip, sanitizing habits will ensure that you don’t get any germs on you or inside your house.
  • Don’t pick anything that has broken packing since it can contain germs.
  • Never argue with Macy’s employees; if you are asked to leave, immediately leave for better safety.
  • Always check the expiration date before you pick something from the dumpsters.

Don’t skip any of these tips; you will surely never face any safety issues.

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Dumpster diving at Macy’s

Final Words

Dumpster diving here will always be a great experience since you can find various items. The best part is that these can be sold with easy for you to make great profits.

However, it is very important to take the rules very seriously, as they won’t hesitate to get you banned from the location.