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Dumpster diving at Sephora: Everything You Need to Know!

Dumpster Diving at Sephora

Sephora, a premium beauty products store, offers the best experience for its customers and is a good place to dumpster dive. Dumpster diving at Sephora stores can help you increase your income, but there are several things to be careful about.

From the basic dumpster diving laws to all other rules, you must be careful about everything to ensure your safety.

Dumpster Diving at Sephora

Sephora is a multinational chain that sells beauty products across the globe. It is also one of the largest French retail corporations that operate internationally. Customers get complete satisfaction with return policies even when the products here are priced at premium amounts.

If a customer walks in with a product that doesn’t even have intact packaging, Sephora will happily return it as long as it is acceptable to their return policy. However, such items are not in a condition good enough to go back to their shelves.

Thus, these products are thrown in the dumpsters. So, if you are a dumpster diver and you visit the nearby Sephora store, you may find lots of valuable personal care products and cosmetics that only lack intact packaging.

The best part about Sephora is that it features around 340 cosmetic product brands and its private label products. So, there will be a huge variety of items that you may find at these stores. With a little knowledge about these products’ usage and value, you can have an amazing Sephora dumpster diving experience.

All you need to know about Dumpster diving

Dumpster Diving Laws at Sephora

The Sephora stores usually follow city and state laws regarding dumpster divers. While there are no specific laws about public property dumpsters, if Sephora’s dumpsters are on their private property, you need to look out for things like gates and fences. Signs restricting trespassers are also a part of the dumpster diving laws at Sephora, as these can get you in trouble if ignored.

Even if no signs, fences, or gates are present, it will always be a good idea to ask for their higher official’s permission because, in that way, you will never get in trouble. Remember that if you are not welcomed on their private property, and you still go there to dumpster dive, they may call the cops on you, and in the worst case, you may get:

Dumpster Diving at Sephora

Is dumpster diving illegal at Sephora?

Is dumpster diving illegal at Sephora? No, it is not illegal if the dumpsters are present on public property. Considering most Sephora stores are situated on private property, and they have their dumpsters at the back, that trash will also be private property. According to most state and local laws, dumpster diving on private property is illegal if the owner does not allow you.

So, the best you can do is ask for some official at Sephora to allow you to visit their dumpsters. To avoid all legal issues, keeping track of any changes in your locality and municipality laws regarding dumpster diving is better. Thus, you will visit these stores for dumpster diving, knowing you are 100% safe.

When you ask for an official’s permission, they may ask you to leave after some time, and you must take their orders and work on them immediately. It is because otherwise, you may get in trouble. If you want the safest experience of Sephora dumpster diving, see when they move their trash to the public dumpsters.

Diving into those won’t be an issue, as moving trash to the public area means the owner is giving up all ownership rights.

How much can Sephora dumpster diving help you earn monthly?

Earning from dumpster diving at the nearby Sephora store can be exceptionally good sometimes, and sometimes you may not earn well at all. It is because it solely depends on the stuff you find and your luck. If we consider a situation where you keep on finding good items regularly from their dumpsters, you can earn around $1400 to $1500 a month by full-time dumpster diving.

However, this amount will not be enough to meet your requirements. So, the right way to earn this extra cash through dumpster diving is by adding the nearby Sephora stores to your regular dumpster driving route. This way, you will not solely rely on one store to find all the items you sell.

Remember that this type of earning will not be sustainable because if you don’t find anything valuable to sell, you won’t earn at all. So, replacing your main job with dumpster diving right away will not be the wisest of decisions.

The better option to choose instead is to keep working on your main job and take dumpster diving as your part-time job or side hustle. So, you have both a stable income stream and some extra cash.

What will you usually find while dumpster diving at Sephora?

If your main goal of dumpster diving is to find items for personal use, then you will need to focus on those products specifically. However, if you want to earn from selling the products found in their dumpsters, then you can look for the following:

You may find these items depending on your luck. If you want them to sell quickly as well, go for ones with high demand and lower prices. Such items sell better than ones with high price tags.

What types of products are thrown away at Sephora?

Sephora is known for throwing away all types of products, and most importantly, they regularly throw away products from their stores. Due to the return and refund policy at Sephora, many customers come with returns, and if they are not in a condition to be placed on the shelves, the employees simply throw them away.

Apart from returned products, items that are not selling well and only taking up shelf space are also thrown away without hesitation. Doing so helps create space for newer items and those that sell better.

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Best time to dumpster dive is at Sephora

The best time to dumpster dive at Sephora is before and after the store opens. It is the time when employees usually throw away unnecessary items into the trash. Visiting late may not be very helpful, especially on weekdays.

The products are restocked to the shelves at Sephora on 3 weekdays without any schedule. On the other hand, you will mostly find returned products on weekends. So, the best time is to visit the nearest Sephora store after 10 am on weekdays and 11 am on weekends. You will not face any disturbance from employees or other dumpster divers during this time.

Tips for dumpster diving in Sephora

Tips for dumpster divers can help you be efficient while diving into the dumpsters at Sephora stores. So, make sure to follow all these tips the next time you visit the nearest store:

  • Do some research before leaving or keeping any product. At least check its expiration date so you only pick the safe-to-use products.
  • Never waste a lot of time at one dumpster. Adding as many dumpsters to your route as possible is always a good idea.
  • Going with a friend with extensive knowledge of Sephora’s products will save you a lot of time.
  • Instead of going after items with huge price tags, go for the cheaper ones, as those sell faster.
  • Keeping a box cutter with you is essential, as you never know when you will find a box-packed item.
  • Before visiting the nearest Sephora store, check your local dumpster diving laws because some states allow it, but the city law prohibits dumpster diving.
  • Pay more importance to time on weekends as you can find better stuff.

Following these will help you in one way or another while you dumpster dives at the nearest Sephora store.

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Dumpster Diving at Sephora

Final words

Dumpster diving at Sephora is a unique experience as sometimes you may find untouched and new items in their trash. However, whenever an official from Sephora tells you to leave, you must leave as soon as possible to avoid legal issues.

By following all the rules and regulations, you will not only stay safe, but it will also increase your efficiency.