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Is dumpster diving illegal at Bath and Body Works?

Is dumpster diving illegal at Bath and Body Works

Everyone may focus on different types of products when dumpster diving. It depends on their interests as every product can help earn different amounts. Cosmetics and beauty products are a category where you can make huge margins if you find the right products.

That is where dumpster diving at Bath and Body Works can be very helpful. However, instead of diving into their dumpsters immediately, you must follow the local laws along with all the tips we will share here.

Dumpster Diving at Bath and Body Works

Dumpster diving near Bath and Body Works stores can be an amazing experience considering it is a well-known retail chain in America. There are over 1736 stores in North America, and in these stores, you can find all sorts of personal care products, including soaps, lotions, and fragrances. The best part is that these stores are devoted to providing the best quality to their customers.

So, not only will you find everything here, but the customers are also facilitated with a returns and refunds policy to enhance customer experience. While it satisfies the customers, it also brings several opportunities for dumpster divers because most items thrown in the trash are new with broken packaging.

Most of the items that customers return have opened packaging that does not meet the requirements to sit on a shelf as a new product. That’s why all such items are thrown away.

All you need to know about Dumpster diving

Is dumpster diving illegal at Bath and Body Works

Dumpster Diving Laws at Bath and Body Works

When it comes to the dumpster diving laws at Bath and Body Works, no specific laws prohibit you. However, all these stores strictly follow private property rules. According to these rules, nobody can enter private property without permission.

You must stay away if the property is protected by gate, fence, or signs prohibiting trespassers. Asking for the owner’s permission will be an exception.

However, if you are entering these properties without asking their owners and they ask you to leave, you must leave immediately. If caught otherwise, you may get several criminal charges held against you, resulting in fines, jail times, or both.

The criminal charges may vary according to the situation and the rules, but the most common ones include the following:

  • Trespassing
  • Theft
  • Littering
  • Disturbance, etc.

Is dumpster diving illegal at Bath and Body Works?

Is dumpster diving illegal at Bath and Body Works? No, it is not illegal according to any rules, but the rules may differ in your locality. For instance, if your city prohibits dumpster diving, you must refrain from it no matter which store it is in.

Additionally, you must follow all the private property rules, as any trash on the private property will also be private property.

The general rule of thumb is to either wait unless trash is moved by the employees into the public dumpsters or ask for the owner’s permission. In both these cases, you can check out the trash without hassle. However, if you enter their private property without permission, you might get caught and have to face the act’s consequences.

Remember that trash on private property is also private property, but as soon as it is moved to public property, the owner withdraws all ownership rights. Most importantly, before you go dumpster diving, go through your local municipality’s laws to ensure that you are not doing anything unlawful.

How much does dumpster diving at Bath and Body Works help you earn monthly?

How much can I earn is the question most people want answers to because it is said that dumpster diving inside Bath and Body Works stores can help make lots of money. However, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that your earnings depend on what you pick up because you will not earn much if you pick up stuff for personal use.

Earning here is also affected by the knowledge and experience about the products you may find here. So, you must research before picking up anything for the best results. Your earnings are also affected according to the time you visit these dumpsters.

Considering the best case, if you are visiting at the right time and pick up stuff that easily sells with high-profit margins, you may make around $500 a month while working full-time. It means that bath and body work stores only can help you earn around $2000 a month full-time and around $1000 part-time.

Remember that this earning will not be stable, and you may find nothing valuable enough. So, the best practice is to focus on other dumpsters while you primarily focus on Bath and Body Works.

Is dumpster diving illegal at Bath and Body Works

The best time to dumpster dive at Bath and Body Works

The time to dumpster dive here depends on when these stores are open. Usually, workers throw trash out in their dumpsters right after the store closes or before opening. It is also when you will find the least number of fellow divers so the chances of finding the best things increase.

Remember that restocking the shelves at these stores is done before 10 am weekly, so visiting at that time will be the best. On the other hand, weekends are excellent all day as there will be many returned products that employees throw away.

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Things to focus on when dumpster diving at Bath and Body Works

Primarily it depends on your mindset about dumpster diving because if you want to find stuff for personal usage, you will only focus on that. However, if you are here to find stuff that you will sell, you must keep an eye out for personal care items, fragrances, candles, soaps, chocolates, lotions, and all other personal care items.

You need to focus on things that you can easily sell. So, the cheaper ones will be the better pick considering there will be more buyers, and you can profit more. On the other hand, expensive items may only have a specific group of buyers that too focus on products from the brand.

What type of things do Bath and Body Works throw away?

Bath and Body Works throw away items that are not sold for a long time and take up unnecessary shelf space. Additionally, things that are returned usually go to the dumpsters. Lastly, things near their expiration date are also thrown out and replaced with new items.

Whenever a customer returns a product that is not good enough to be placed on the shelf again, that is thrown away in the trash. It does not matter if the actual product is damaged or if the packing is not pristine. Most of the time, only the packing is bad while the product inside is in perfect shape.

Tips for Dumpster Diving in Bath and Body Works

This dumpster diving experience can be a tricky one as you don’t know what to pick and what not to pick. Moreover, these items being consumed, able need to be checked for their safety, so you always pick up the best things. You can follow these tips for a better experience from the very first day:

  • The first thing you check for any item you pick will be the expiry date. Never pick up items that are expired or will expire soon
  • You may not know what everything is for. So, always keep your smartphone along and search for anything you find
  • Focus on finding multiple cheaper things that sell quickly rather than singular expensive items.
  • Keeping a box cutter will help you quickly unbox items. As you unbox, check for any leakages or cr, acks as you must avoid such i.tems
  • Take plastic bags, as long as they help you sort products out as you find them.
  • Taking a companion along will be very helpful in your dumpster diving experience as you two can cover more dumpsters in less time.

Following these tips, you can perform much better every time you go dumpster diving.

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Is dumpster diving illegal at Bath and Body Works

Final Words

Dumpster diving Bath and Body Works can be fun to gather the best supplies for personal use and things to sell online. Be careful about the expiration dates and the local dumpster diving laws at Bath and Body Works.

This way, you will never welcome any trouble towards yourself while diving into these dumpsters. Additionally, focus on finding stuff to sell if your primary goal from dumpster diving is to earn.